Chamber Poll Test

October 15, 2008

The good people at WordPress.com have just added a nice new feature, and I thought I’d give it a try:

I can see where this would be handy for the WPPBA 😉


  1. GUFFAW!

    To be fair, you’ve got to at least get my buddy Rabbit there too…

    Can you do one for the ugliest blogger?

  2. They’re going to have to work on their security. I just voted for myself twice…

  3. Yea, that’s a setting. Although I could have sworn that I voted for you already.

    I guess that’s why I have these test posts.

  4. I know the secret ballot system is important but I too vote for Tex.

  5. I know the secret ballot system is important but I too vote for Tex.

    Thank you Marc for your vote…I’m busy practicing my political persuasion so I can butter up for a good position under the newer, more repressive administration.


  6. They’re going to have to work on their security. I just voted for myself twice…

    Tex, LOL only twice? I was also going to warn CZ about duplicate voting since I assumed you had voted 6 times for yourself (at least as of the time of this comment). Do me a favor and don’t confuse the votes with any real affirmation of your contribution here. Voting for your charm is equivalent to voting for Sarah Palin’s competence.

  7. “R”,

    Only twice Rutherford. Occasionally the General gets off a zinger at my expense that even I think is funny.

    I do note that Sarah’s approval rating at 80% when she arrived on the scene from her own constituents. That’s about 70% higher than our Dimocratic Congress.

    Voting for your charm is equivalent to voting for Sarah Palin’s competence.

    Or your financial acumen…

  8. Ever since Dead Rabbit spouted off some half thought out factoids about the Council of Trent, Dead Rabbit has had a continuous case of dysentery worse then a declining Rock Hudson. Dead Rabbit didn’t even go to da docks today. It doesn’t matter what profession a man has, he simply can’t bounce back from shitting his pants and that is a reality right now for me. I know, too much info etc. etc. Dead Rabbit is very close to using that Union health coverage.

  9. I apologize about my above post. Thanks to some of the things Kay says about pro-life women, of which my other wise liberal wife is, I forget this place isn’t a bathroom stall.

    There was once a man from Nantucket….

    The left is doing everything they can to make sure Joe the Plumber is this week’s pop cultural piece of chewing gum. But he is a powerful voice in the debate. He puts a real face to everything that is wrong with Obama’s philosophy. First of all, I can take one look at Joe and tell he busts his ass. The guy makes a legitimate point and one I that is impossible to ignore. I would say Obama wants to punish him for fulfilling his “dream”. But, I think “dream” is the wrong word. Busting your ass for the man, working long hours, feeling the pain in your knees, back, hands. It’s no dream. It’s a war. A war against that inner voice that says “why bother”. Go to the bar. Take Saturday off. Knock off at 5. To succeed takes fortitude. How is it fair that this guy gets punished if he buys the business? It actually hurts me to think the soft handed “Chen-ites” out there believe this man should be punched in the balls by his own country. Will I receive a check in the mail from guys like Joe? Is it even moral for me to spend this money? My sadness turns to anger when I think billions of dollars will be transferred to people who don’t even pay taxes. A hand out.

    Many of my union buddies, hardcore Democrats, agree with me. I probably disagree with Tex about the role of unions in this country and will one day probably have a verbal fist fight with him over that. But there is no way I can look at Tex and say I want to benefit from a redistribution of someone else’s wealth. The Dead Rabbit has worked some hard jobs. I know the pain.

  10. Rabbit, my sick friend…

    Having worked in a few union shops many moons ago as a teenage and a young man (steel fabrication/heat exchangers), don’t get me wrong. Unions are or at least once were, the only method for the ‘little guy’ getting a fair shake.

    My premise in not liking unions is not their intent, but what they had become. I watched many of their members get royally screwed and coerced, while the stewards made out like bandits – about the same reason I hate the politicians in the way they represent their constituency.

    Of course, it didn’t help that six weeks out of college in my first job, I had to cross a picket line as a 22 year old. Did skew my thinking a little while I had small women screaming in my face.

    But my path was easy compared to the scabs…

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