Why The McCain Camp Didn’t Want To “Free Sarah”

November 6, 2008

Hopefully, this will be the very last Chamber post about Sarah Palin….

The election is over, and Obama won, so I acknowledge that the subject matter around here should probably be covering things that involve looking ahead.  But I couldn’t help but be struck by some of the stories that are surfacing today about McCain’s choice of VP.  In short, the narrative goes that Sarah Palin is even more clueless than parodied by Tina Fey.

Before I link to that stuff, however, I’d like to revisit something I read right after Palin’s disastrous interview with Katie Couric:  Kathryn Jean Lopez: Free Sarah Palin! A plea for authenticity in the veepstakes

My guess — based on nothing but hope for a change — is that Sarah Palin just needs some freedom. I don’t know who is holding her back but if John McCain wants to win this thing it had better not be him and his staff. When I watch these interviews, I see a woman who looks like she’s stayed up all night studying and is trying to remember the jurisprudential chronology of privacy vis-a-vis reproduction, the war on terror, and public figures (add 12 more things, described in the most complicated way possible, to the list to be more accurate). She looks like a woman who’s been cramming talking points and great Matt Scully lines and Mark Salter-McCain war stories and Steve Schmidt marching orders into her head since that first plane ride from Alaska. She looks like a woman who has ceased being the confident, successful executive who got herself elected governor of Alaska without the full force of her party behind her and managed to have an approval rating of which most can’t even dream.

Starting with the Gibson interview, it sure did seem like Palin was simply regurgitating talking points that someone had crammed into her head.  Much of the rhetoric didn’t have anything to do with the question that was being asked.  Like Lopez, I thought that she was being “handled” because the McCain camp wanted to be certain that she stuck to the officially approved talking points.  There were some cringe-worthy parts, sure (like the “Bush Doctrine” thing), but I didn’t really think that she was exceedingly ignorant.

As the weeks passed, however, there were certain statements that Palin made that made me think that she just might be breathtakingly clueless.  One of the most notable was something that I didn’t take the time to mention here in the Chamber (opting instead to roam to other blogs that had brought it up), which was the fact that Palin didn’t seem to understand the meaning of “negative campaigning” and, even more concerning, the First Amendment:

 “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations,” Palin told host Chris Plante, “then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.”

That’s enough to give someone the ol’ dolor de cabeza. 

And now, with McCain’s succession, the campaign insiders apparently can’t contain their frustration with Palin any longer.  Just get a load of this:

Could it be that Palin was given a list of talking points to cover any and all interview questions simply because the alternative was worse?   Sounds pretty likely, all things considered.  It isn’t hard to imagine the staffers running through trial interviews with her behind the scenes, having a huddle, and coming back to her with a little “Um… yea.  On second thought, just read this.”  If she refused the help, it would make sense that the Couric interview was a hodgepodge of the talking points, cluelessness, and of course, plenty of “also”.

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Update: For those who like to roam to other blogs discussing the subject, here’s the memeorandum link.

UpdateAs the world turns…The leaks from the anonymous McCain staffers have been flowing for the last few days now, and naturally, pro-McCain blogs like Hot Air are wondering aloud why the heck The Maverick isn’t jumping in to defend his VP pick.

Update (11/12):  Amazing.  Palin still hasn’t looked up the definition of “negative campaigning”:

BLITZER: So looking back, you don’t regret that tough language during the campaign?

PALIN: No, and I do not think that it is off-base nor mean-spirited, nor negative campaigning to call someone out on their associations and on their record. And that’s why I did it.


  1. I lost all hope for McCain when he picked her (and I’m an independent conservative), but I had no idea that she was this clueless. I generally like Bill O’Reilly, but his comment on her being able to “catch up” is preposterous. A bit of catching up on how Washington operates would be okay, but catching up on 8th grade geography? She’s unqualified for any public position, except perhaps as a councilwoman for Wasila. This talk of her running in 2012 makes me sick. The conservative side needs more people like Paul or Huckabee and less of her.

  2. Chen,
    Think all this is bad, did you read the Newsweek article?

    The McCain camp wait all of 4 hours after their loss to start spilling their guts about how much they hated the alaskan, and apparently that $150,000 was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to gross expenditures.


  3. Chen, 😆 Classless to the end. And I apologize for the lengths of some of my posts. It’s too much I know.

    Before I start this, let me be fair unlike you and say I was amazed when I heard that Palin didn’t know Africa a continent, if true. However, I am also aware that a lot of these chickenshit McCain buffoons are looking for some excuse to weasel out of their own abject failures. Palin didn’t strike me as the idiot you’d like to make her out to be.

    Inexperienced yes and kind of a bumpkin; but not a fool. I have dated the Palin type before (I like the athletic, folksy, gun toting, good looking, brickhouse kind of women) and unlike what the vacuous jet set thinks, they are far from stupid. But a lot of the McCain camp certainly did appear stupid to me, including the candidate most of the time. And that includes the powerbrokers who run the establishment and pushed McCain to the top of the ticket.

    Now if I am wrong and Palin is the bubblehead you’re trying your damndest to make her out to be, and time proves me wrong, I’ll admit it (unlike you and your respective lackeys here at WordPress). But don’t make the mistake most people make in thinking education correlates with wisdom or that gossip across the TV, even from FOX News completely accurate General.

    Now to again paddle your pink ass Chenster,

    Here you have won and you’re still banging on Sarah Palin. Need I remind you clueless hens again that the now fuckin’ President elect of the United States and a moron in his own right didn’t even know that Kentucky adjoined his own home state? That’s when I realized this dufus is a real lightweight. I already knew Joe Biden a moron. And we wonder why gov’t is such a mess?

    You want to talk about bad in geography? It’s Obamer’s own country and THE ONE didn’t even know what most 3rd graders would know in the state of Illinois – even with the worst public education system in the world? And all you clowns think this man is gifted beyond a repetitive soundbite? I give Obamer a lot of credit for being a carefully crafted opportunist and his political instincts in fooling the rubes. He’s not as bright or as clever as Slick Willy but he’s not as phony either. I’m not sure how long it will take for America to recognize Obamer the fraud.


    This kind of post is why I think you shallow Chen and very seldom believe what you plaster on your blog is sought to seek some common cause; or what you attest in your message with a purpose of seeking knowledge. I knew damn well last night you were lying thru your teeth when you stated you were going to hold Obama accountable like Bush. Baloney. You must have been swallowing ‘shrooms or strokin’ the bong again when you typed that. When are you going to recognize it’s unbecoming to deny the obvious slant? Once the celebration has blown over and the bullshit about bipartisanship is shelved, and we resort back to being woefully divided (around February 15th, next year and a given with assholes like Rahm running the joint), you’ll be back cherry pickin’ the flavor of the day to support whatever your moving target. Clever in design but completely inane in content.

    What you seek General is but confirmation of your own deeply skewed set of beliefs. I am somewhat surprised at your own lack of humility. I’ll be honest with you Chen. I thought you better than this. I didn’t know you to be a bottom feeder before. I admire your determination but not your character.

    And again, I generally enjoy your bullshit and your blog and appreciate you letting me prattle on. But don’t think for a moment you’re fooling anybody of substance about what or who you are. You’re every bit the partisan hack.

    O.T. I continue to be amazed at how bad most of these Republican candidates are at debate because Obamer was such an easy target. Pick virtually any subject and I guarantee you than even some rank amateur like me could have turned Obamer’s world upside down on the stage and in the limelight. As an educated attorney, I was surprised at how ineffective Obamer was in debate. I wouldn’t even have to be some political wonk to have made his life miserable – only perfect the 90 second soundbite.

    P.S. – You know what I hope to get to do one day? What would be fun it to debate you, “R”, and some of the rest of your lefty cronies in an open forum, without the benefit of notes, links, newspapers, just to get a real measurement of real knowledge.

    Now even you would have to admit it would be fun to put it to the test. For fairness sake, if we ever do it, let me pick one of my comrades just to offset the numbers. I’ve got somebody in mind from the old LGF days who I do think incredibly bright.

  4. I have to open by saying that I’m sick of offering up what amounts in some peoples minds defenses for Palin but here goes.

    Could it be that Palin was given a list of talking points to cover any and all interview questions simply because the alternative was worse?

    That from you and the news that Marc has shared are very much related in my book.
    She’s a round peg that McCain and his handlers tried to cram into a square hole. Needless to say I don’t think she was a good pick but she was definitely straddled with being cast as a set of conservative boobs. She is actually a better campaigner on her own stage. With that said I still want her to stay in Alaska.
    The case can be made imo that McCain is a complete tool and P.O.S.. I always felt that since his big time outright lie about Romney re Iraq and timetables.
    Remember Johnnie tapped her.She didn’t come from Alaska looking for the job.Any talking points Palin had were approved by McCain or his handlers. Getting the “girl” to do the old mans dirty work. Sadly (or gladly) the handlers forgot McCain has a bad go at staying on message. Must be the maverick in him.
    As for the sour grape cover one’s ass crap that will leak out of the McCain camp I just have to say c’mon. Book deals , future employment opps and outright ego salvation isn’t exclusive to (R)’s.

  5. Hey you dog liberals…this man speaks for me if you think I’m crying sour grapes.

    A classic in part…GUFFAW!!! 😆

    Although I have not always been the most outspoken advocate of President-Elect Barack Obama, today I would like to congratulate him and add my voice to the millions of fellow citizens who are celebrating his historic and frightening election victory. I don’t care whether you are a conservative or a liberal — when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation’s highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.

    Yes, I know there are probably other African-Americans much better qualified and prepared for the presidency. Much, much better qualified. Hundreds, easily, if not thousands, and without any troubling ties to radical lunatics and Chicago mobsters. Gary Coleman comes to mind. But let’s not let that distract us from the fact that Mr. Obama’s election represents a profound, positive milestone in our country’s struggle to overcome its long legacy of racial divisions and bigotry. It reminds us of how far we’ve come, and it’s something everyone in our nation should celebrate in whatever little time we now have left.

    Less than fifty years ago, African-Americans were barred from public universities, restaurants, and even drinking fountains in many parts of the country. On Tuesday we came together and transcended that shameful legacy, electing an African-American to the country’s top job — which, in fact, appears to be his first actual job. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that racism has disappeared in America, but it is an undeniable mark of progress that a majority of voters no longer consider skin color nor a dangerously gullible naivete as a barrier to the presidency.

    It’s also heartening to realize that as president Mr. Obama will soon be working hand-in-hand with a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard like Senator Robert Byrd to craft the incoherent and destructive programs that will plunge the American economy into a nightmare of full-blown sustained depression. As Vice President-Elect Joe Biden has repeatedly warned, there will be difficult times ahead and the programs will not always be popular, or even sane. But as we look out over the wreckage of bankrupt coal companies, nationalized banks, and hyperinflation, we can always look back with sustained pride on the great National Reconciliation of 2008. Call me an optimist, but I like to think when America’s breadlines erupt into riots it will be because of our shared starvation, not the differences in our color…


  6. Needlessly Hyperventilating is a good way of putting it.


  7. Marc,

    I must apologize. I once said it’s a lie to you that the Dimocratic party is the big tent party it professes. I was horribly wrong and now I must grovel at your feet. I should have done it on your own blog to really reach the depth of my shame…you pass this on to Etak for me. 😦

    Any elect that would heartily welcome in Jeremiah Wright and the Grand Master himself, Robert Byrd as members of high standing – well hell, that expands the entire known political universe. ♫ Racists to the left of me, racists to the right. ♫ Stuck in the middle with you!

    Congratulations on belonging to the party of all the demons! 😉

  8. Faustian Diversity is what we’re about.

    But lets hold off on congratulating each other to much, wouldn’t want this to become a circular love squad.

  9. Tex- This was more of a “look at the bullet we dodged” style post, and Palin’s cluelessness actually says more about McCain than anything else.

    Like Alfie said, he picked her, and on a whim no less. Like I stated way back in the “pander” thread, he was obviously more interested in her as a sort of political window dressing. That alone shows a serious lack of judgment and recklessness, considering the stakes. But even worse is the fact that he stuck with her, apparently even after the camp discovered that the woman shouldn’t be anywhere near the presidency. I think a good portion of the country added those notions together, and McCain paid for it in the ballot box.


    Perhaps I should have added these thoughts to the original post. I dunno, maybe that makes me a bad blogger. On the other hand, I have been expanding on this narrative since she got picked, and now it appears that my instincts were correct, so on second thought maybe this post is a little “I told you so” as well.

    Oh what the heck, its both.

  10. John McCain needs to go back to Arizona, announce his official switch to the Democrats and disappear from the political scene. The McCain camp threw Palin to the wolves when they encouraged the Couric interview. Were they that freakin’ clueless to think that the knives wouldn’t come out?
    I hope everyone from the McCain camp stays the hell away from Campaign 2010 and 2012. They proved themselves to have a degree of ineptitude I thought was impossible, some standard of campaigning ethics that seemed almost quaint, and shot themselves in the foot with their ideas on fund raising. They got outspent something like 7 to 1 and while the race STILL was surprising tight (a FIVE state switch of 200,000 votes would have won it for McCain)I just don’t think they really, really wanted to win. McCain had no fire in the gut. They shoulda kept him hopped up on a six-pack a day of Red Bull the past three months.
    After running this “holier than thou” campaign the fact that they let any slurs appear about Gov. Palin shows the doddering old fools in his campaign for what they are. I personally think the nation needs a President “asleep at the wheel” for the next couple years while the assorted markets figure out what needs to be done, then do it. McCain taking four hour naps in the afternoon, only waking up to veto legislation, while Sarah went around and cut ribbons, would be the perfect cure for this economy.
    Instead we’re in for four years of “boom and bust” overreaction and over legislation and overspending while a bunch of kids, running around like headless chickens, attempt to reassure (with practiced arrogance) that they have a freakin’ clue as to what they’re doing.
    Oh yeah, and all you BDS sufferers, it won’t be too long before you refer to the Bush years as the “good old days” as you sit in the dark and shiver in front of your blank computer screens, thankful for the 43rd economic stimulus check you just received that won’t cover even a portion of your $2000/month electric bill, thankful to Lord Obama that the CO level in the atmosphere dropped by 10 parts per million.
    But Sarah Palin will be back in Alaska, catching fresh salmon, shooting a caribou or two, raising the fees on oil that gets sent to the lower 48, and laughing her ass off while she lays in her tanning bed. She’s gonna have the last laugh. You can bet the (zero-points, sub-prime, zero-doc, adjustable rate mortgaged) house on it.

  11. Well General, as you’re patting yourself on the back for you keen insight, let me kick you in the ass using your own rationale: or is it ying/yang in THE CHAMBER?

    That alone shows a serious lack of judgment and recklessness, considering the stakes. But even worse is the fact that he stuck with her, apparently even after the camp discovered that the woman shouldn’t be anywhere near the presidency.

    Now let us assume you are completely correct. Palin the ultimate Barbie and a complete dolt. McCain the washed up bank thief and glue horse. But using your example, let us talk about some calls and associations of the prophet. First, there is Joe Biden, so senile and stupid they had to hide him the last month. FDR on TV announcing something about a Depression? What does that say about Obamer’s judgment? Then we’ve got the podium Humping God Damn America, the most unholy Rev. Wright. Took Obama 20 years plus an odd number of days to figure out the man a militant racist. And that was his preacher…whew, sound judgment. We’ve got Tony, and Louie and Father Flagler, or whatever that charlatan’s name was spelled.

    Should we mention various other Jew haters, anarchists and slum lords Obamer likes to pal with or can I stop here? I won’t even mention the most obvious bad choice – his whitey hatin’, America loathing spouse. Wait until America gets a good gander of this militant hag. They had to hide her too for the last two or three months. She went on the View to have her toes sucked and that was about it.

    P.S. – since Obamer took the title of elect, the markets have dropped 10.2%. THINGS ARE ALREADY LOOKING UP! Yeehaw!

  12. I’m watching some asshole from the gawd awful Reuters get his finger punctured by the Bush dog! What a great show. That dog could teach some gutless Republicans a few lessons. I wished The Bush family had a Rottweiler and it would ripped his throat out.

    I haven’t seen anything that entertaining since Greg Brady got his ass kicked by Danny Partridge. GREAT TV!

  13. Chen,

    You need to watch “THE FACTOR” Tonight. Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly are talking to you and shattering your story, generally making you look the leftist dumbass. Can you stomach watching something that doesn’t have Keith Olbermann peter puffing on the set?

  14. BillO is interviewing Shep?

  15. Chen,

    They are taking up for the anointed one! Eee gads!

    Well, watch the repeat. You want me to TIVO it for you? I wished I had TIVO’d the dog biting the reporter. That was fabulous.

    Whatever happened to the Rabbit? I’m going to slam him for not getting in here and sharing the misery. I’ve spent the entire day fighting with libs and feel all alone.

  16. I was always lukewarm to the Biden pick, and I take your point about the campaign keeping him caged up at the end there. But comparing him to Palin is a little absurd IMO.

  17. I was always lukewarm to the Biden pick, and I take your point about the campaign keeping him caged up at the end there. But comparing him to Palin is a little absurd IMO.

    Yea, it is absurd. We are still trying to determine Palin’s competence. We already know Joe Biden is a moron.

  18. Chen, you’ve come close to making the following point but I’m not sure you hit the bulls eye yet.

    What this Palin fiasco really proves is how despicable the McCain campaign (and possibly the GOP in general) really is. No matter what a lame-brain Sarah might be, who is leaking all this garbage to the press? The McCain folks! Where is the loyalty that they should have for her giving McCain a temporary boost in the “ratings” that he otherwise would never have had. Like it or not, she did energize the base. How does the McCain gang repay her? By leaking stories that prove her to be a not very bright, opportunistic diva. Quite honestly (and believe me, I take no pleasure in defending Palin) I think the whole Africa story is a gross exaggeration. If true, it makes Dan Quayle look like Einstein.

    Now they are sending LAWYERS to Alaska to reclaim all the booty that Palin inappropriately bought on the campaign’s dime.

    How Palin ended up Governor of Alaska puzzles me. As Vice President, she would have been one scary proposition. But I don’t think through all this we should lose sight of what a-holes the McCain team are.

  19. Well Rutherford,

    There is at least one thing we can agree on – besides loving the kids. (See below)

    Maybe the lawyers from McCain’s camp can cross paths with the hundreds of lawyers Obamer sent up there to dig up dirt on Mrs. Palin? I heard they worked in conjunction with those loveable and noteworthy Dimocrats from the National Enquirer and Larry Flynt, offering to pay money for anything nasty. Didn’t find anything either, did they much to Chen’s chagrin?


    There are but a few people in the press I do love. One is Laura Ingraham and they are going to hang a few people by the unmentionables when this is through. Because they’ve now actively formed a team to find out from FOX News and others who leaked this B.S. Then they are going to ruin them.

    There’s at least two former campaign workers who will be cleaning stools come about 2012 with their names dragged across the internet. And I predict we will know them very shortly.

  20. …the hundreds of lawyers Obamer sent up there to dig up dirt on Mrs. Palin

    Hey look, SOMEBODY had to vet her, lawd knows McCain didn’t.

  21. Hey look, SOMEBODY had to vet her, lawd knows McCain didn’t.


    Well Rutherford, you might be a commie but you can be pretty funny sometimes; a rarity for a socialist.

    It your and Chen’s one redeeming quality. Besides blogging.

  22. Definitely a “bullet we dodged” topic, Chen. When NBC reported the bit about Africa my oldest child was yelling that any 1st grader knows that. Imagine if this had come out prior to the 4th; it would have been a landslide. No wonder the McCain camp kept her away from the media as much as they did. The enormity of the prospect of Palin ending up in any way as Commander in Chief is galling at best, and was before this news surfaced. Now it’s like we avoided the Cuban Missile Crisis all over again.

  23. O.T.

    I expect to see a lot more crap like this.


    Everything you progressives touch, you gotta f*ck up completely by creating division. Schools, sports, you name it. And you think you are going to be arbiters of reconciliation? Is that some kind of joke? We’ll be lucky if there isn’t civil war in the street before this is thru. Do you libbie press bloggers not realize how weary half the country is becoming of this racial accusation bullshit? Do you really want a real war? And not one where we pussy around on the board and exchange barbs but one with a 50 caliber gun pushed between your eyes. Keep pushing this kind of bullshit and you’re going to have one, I guarantee it.

    Now for you prissy libs who have never held a football and are more apt to play theater, you wonder, “why is something as trivial as this so important to Tex?”

    Well, here’s why. Pres. Obama hasn’t even warmed his butt in the Oval Office yet and we can’t even enjoy sports without politic and race now entering the equation, courtesy of these mofos. Now I know sissy propeller heads generally don’t know a damn thing about sports, and the article would lead you to believe there’s some sinister plot, but what the AP article doesn’t mention is the current shortage of college black football coaches has nothing to do with race and everything to do with performance. Sports, unlike most things, is easily measured to the point even libs can’t spin it. I don’t know one damn fan who could care less what the color of someone’s skin is as they run to the endzone or stand on the sidelines. Not one. And even the dumbest of you imbeciles understands a win and a loss.

    These two coaches mentioned, both who are black, were fired because they’ve been utter failures as head coaches. They’re both fine people but they completely suck at their jobs. One of them hasn’t won a game this year. Both programs have become laughing stocks and attendance has dwindled. Their firing has nothing to do with the color of their skin.

    But if you were to read it and know little of what is going on, you might think white men in three piece suits are scheming in back rooms to make “people of color” (their word, not mine) irrelevant except on the field.

    Fortunately, the Associated Press and their marxist doctrine are going down the tubes like the NY Times and Newsweak. It will be a grand day in America when our MSM media is dead and gone. I will personally make it my mission to piss on their graves. For someone like Keith Olbermann, he wouldn’t need to be dead for me to piss on him.

    I’m rooting for you lefty bloggers to help put these assholes in a pine wood box. That’s not your intent but you’ve helped without knowing. These AP assholes, a group more deserving of hell, I can’t think of right off hand. If they were in a fire fight with Al-Qaida, I’d root for Al-Qaida.

    I will bet anybody on this board in four years race relations are worse than they’ve been in forty years by the end of Pres. elect Obama. It will have nothing to do with President Obama but a press that relishes in stirring racial strife.

    I can’t believe you wordpress libbie types don’t realize just how wicked the press has become and how one day, these little games might just affect you and your own loved ones.

  24. Well Tex,
    outside of the being a blowhard, the playground insults, minor tantrums and accusations of marxism, I agree with you (though I’d be really amazed if all this comes out with out some extra care to try and sound like a coked out Joe McCarthy).

    It was a stupid article, and a stupid study, and it really is my goal to find a way to package up ol’ Olby, O’reilly and the rest of them in a box and ship them off to China to aide in their state control of the media message, because they seem to be super good at reporting no news, or news spoon fed to them.

    But please, its not just a “lib” bias, not for the media overall. Msnbc swings one way, fox news the other. The Bias they all have a is a sensation bias, in that they’ll all report any piece of shit that crosses their desk as long as its “racey,” in this case racist, or they can make it appear as so.

    This is their way of avoiding covering ethnic cleansing in Africa or risking their white house press badges by asking tough questions.

  25. *thread updated*

    Where is McCain during all this Palin-bashing, anyway? Did Sarah get thrown under the Straight Talk Express?

  26. Well …holy crap:

    When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year — Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

    You know the party’s in trouble when the people feel that Sarah Palin is the best they got. Wow.

  27. Chen-
    I bet it’s just because she’s fresh in the mind. Give her a couple of months and she’ll be a ghost.

  28. Chen,

    All I got to say about your disgraceful slamming of Palin, most of it innuendo worthy of Bucktooth Olbermann, is enjoy it while it lasts. I heard all this same crap in 1992 and this guy ain’t as clever with a lot thinner skin so it won’t take as long.

    Our handsome and beaming Presidential Elect hadn’t made it to the Whitehouse front door before he was insulting a little old first lady still recovering from hip surgery. A bigger piece of shit never stepped foot in the Whitehouse, Clinton and Nixon included.

    And when the thrill wears off of the masses of dumbasses who don’t know the name of the V.P. who cast their vote for Barry, and when they recognize their health insurance still sucks and they’re still having to go to the emergency room and wait 12 hours because they can’t pay their bills, and when they sit in the dark with no TV and no Playstation to pass their meaningless existence, and what little they make is just as taxed but the bills keep getting bigger and the charge cards are maxed, then they’ll turn on President Scumbag like maggots on rotting flesh.

    And I’m going to follow you around to all your little grubby websites while rubbing your nose in it, all the while with the candidate of hope but no change head explodes, with about two years of memorable material to remind you of your short-lived arrogance.

    See, politics is like when you sell your first car. You get all excited, go back to the desk and wait about two more weeks. Then, you wake up one day and realize you’re still a car salesman and nothing has changed that.

    And just to show you how hope and change works, let me tell you a little story. Today, while at lunch with my friends, and we were making jokes about our new administration dreading the gloom to come, my buddy tells us this story:

    Seems he doesn’t like the way things are looking up for small business. And he decided that a couple of folks had to go. And then he lets his only two “OBAMA 2008” supporters go with two weeks severance for their troubles. And being we are a right to fire state there isn’t a damn thing an employee can do about it.

    And he tells us, “I assume that’s the hope and change they were looking for.”

    Oh yes, the best is still to come. Try and remember that both side can play the mean game. We just do it a little differently, a little more discretely without the boast.

  29. Tex-

    Our handsome and beaming Presidential Elect hadn’t made it to the Whitehouse front door before he was insulting a little old first lady still recovering from hip surgery. A bigger piece of shit never stepped foot in the Whitehouse, Clinton and Nixon included.

    He called and apologized for that, btw.

  30. Our handsome and beaming Presidential Elect hadn’t made it to the Whitehouse front door before he was insulting a little old first lady still recovering from hip surgery. A bigger piece of shit never stepped foot in the Whitehouse, Clinton and Nixon included.

    Two things. First if I’m not mistaken Obama was asked if he’s consulted with any of the living Presidents. The question was ripe for mocking …. what other kind of Presidents would Obama consult with? Second, Tex you’d have a better leg to stand on if you dissed Obama for his real error. Nancy Reagan did not conduct seances (I believe Mary Todd Lincoln did). Reagan consulted an astrologer. Equally nutty. Still Obama’s attempt at humor was inaccurate.

    Finally, if he’d left Nancy out of it, his answer would have been hilarious. However, Chen is right. Obama called Nancy and apologized no doubt knowing that Reagan worshipers like Tex nearly had an aneurysm over the joke. (BTW, since when did having a broken hip exempt you from a little teasing?)

  31. “And I’m going to follow you around to all your little grubby websites while rubbing your nose in it, all the while with the candidate of hope but no change head explodes, with about two years of memorable material to remind you of your short-lived arrogance.”

    That’s kind of sad and pathetic, actually. Just remember Tex, it’s true what your parents said: one day you too will be all grown up!

  32. Here’s an interesting nugget for the Palin link depot:

    Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

    And more to the thread topic, I’m still curious about the whole “whack job” thing, too. I mean, I can understand it coming from someone like myself, but that came from inside the McCain camp, before the election was held. How frustrated with her does one have to be to leak something like that? I’m not sure the GOP wants to hitch their wagons to a loose cannon (double idiom intended).

  33. LOL Chen, double idiom and mixed metaphor to boot. Shouldn’t there be a prize for that? 🙂

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