Coining Blago’s Hairstyle

December 14, 2008

Well, people started talking about it the minute the Illinois governor made headlines last week, so I figured that I might as well give my 2¢.  The topic?  Blagojevich’s hair.  Just what do you call it, Mr. Google

But hairdressers all over America needed little else than to look at his hair — “there’s no name for that,” said Calvin Klein’s hairstylist Roberto Novo. “Ugh” — to gasp in horror.

OK Roberto, I’ll consider that a challenge, and offer up my take.  There was one resemblance that immediately came to mind for me (probably because I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life):


I’m going to call it…the CCM

(please excuse the fact that I reversed the image; I did so for illustrative purposes)

So with that, I pat myself on the back for my moment of brilliance, and open the thread up to general Blago discussion. 

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BTW-  I still can’t pronounce the guy’s name, so “Blago” it shall be.

Update:  I’ve been running into a few more side-by-sides, so I’m going to post them here as I go:



(h/t Tex)


  1. Bla-lego-vich


  2. Bla-goya-vitch. Since his name isn’t spelled phonetically (at least from an English perspective) I find it harder to spell than to say.

    As for Blagojevich’s hair, I think I’d call it the DEVO.

  3. Thanks Tex, I gave you a hat tip 😉

    BTW- If anyone finds the pics of him in that ridiculous gangster track suit, let me know.

  4. Funny. He wears or has a conservative doo. Well that just goes to show that one cannot be revealed or exposed by their incompetent hairdresser.

    Al Gore is the exception. Hair helmet lover thingy non gay non admirer forget I ever mentioned it thingy, other thingy off.

  5. my vote is the Lego look.

  6. I think the attempts to tie Obama to the whole affair are pretty weak. I’d be surprised if someone in the camp didn’t contact Blago about the Senate seat, if for no other reason other than pure curiousity. It doesn’t mean that Obama was scheming alongside him. Add to that the fact that Blago was pissed at Obama over it (that he wasn’t interested in playing ball or whatever), and it doesn’t leave much to cling to. But of course they’ll try anyway.

  7. people had problems with obamas name let them handle blago’s name

  8. damn…grand jury investigating Richardson for some shady shit.

  9. damn…grand jury investigating Richardson for some shady shit.

    Richardson’s a Dimocrat. Status quo and no big deal. Now, if that had been a Republican, oh my gawddddd!!! Libs would be wetting their pants about now.

  10. damn…grand jury investigating Richardson for some shady shit.

    Here’s the LINK.

  11. Looks like one of the prices we will have to pay for winning the election is a four year game of Find the Dirty Democrat (and link him to Obama if at all possible). Blago got the ball rolling and it’s all downhill from here.

    Let’s hope Obama can actually help our country while dealing with the constant barrage of distractions. While Blago plays Tony Soprano, and the witch hunt for Richardson commences, millions are still out of work. Priorities folks, priorities.

  12. Witch hunt? Surely you jest “R”? 😆

    How many ‘witch hunts’ are commencing as we speaking? Let us count (just a few):


    And I can name at least ten more going on that the article never mentions. Face it “R”. As dirty as the Republicans have been, your party is at least 10 times worse.

  13. Chen–this is lovely. But if you can find a match for Donald Trump then I’ll truly be impressed;)

  14. OK Chen, I think I know what Blago is going for. I think he’s trying to be Bryan Ferry at the height of his Roxy Music fame:

  15. Lex, you really outta pick yourself up a gravatar.

  16. OK, tell me where and I will.

  17. Tex wrote:[quote]And I can name at least ten more going on that the article never mentions. Face it “R”. As dirty as the Republicans have been, your party is at least 10 times worse.[/quote]

    Are you pretending your parties shit smells less than the other parties shit?
    Get real, corruption isnt in any parties ideology ,it a human feature.Anyone with a brain knows that and wouldnt use it as an argument,if there really was 10 times more corruption on one side than the other it would be quite easy to show, now wouldnt it?As a rule the ones in power are the bigger corruptors and the bigger the difference in power the bigger the difference in corruption- power corrupts,absolute power absolutely corrupts.

    Oh wait were talking about politics here, alright then keep on pretending.

  18. barry,

    Put the bottle down, get sober, and come back and respond. That Friday night carryover ain’t working for me.

    That, or learn to punctuate. You canstartwiththespacebar.

  19. You are such a nice guy, you going to teach me?

  20. You are such a nice guy, you going to teach me?

    Give me directions to the Correctional Center and I’ll see what I can do.

  21. Ooooh, my gravatar works here!

  22. OK, name fixed too. Better Chen?

  23. This is funny!

    Lotsa people used to call him “Governor Blowdry”.

  24. Very curious question

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