A New Chariot, And A Challenge

December 23, 2008

Well, I decided that the winter beater was a little too beat, so I pulled the trigger on one of these Aveo 5 SVM’s that we had on the lot at my store.  It was a steal, ’cause it was sitting out there 60 days and the boss had it priced for less than what we owned it for.

Anyway, it’s a silver 2007 with about 12,400 on the odometer.  It seemed like a smart buy since it has plenty of factory warranty left, my techs said they hardly ever have problems, they hold their resale well, and I should be able to achieve some pretty respectable MPG’s with the little 1.6L engine.  Although, I did splurge and get some 16″ wheels for it (since I naturally get a discount, and the stock 14’s were just too cheap-looking), so it might effect my efficiency a tad.  We’ll see.


By the way, SVM stands for Special Value Model, which means that this car is about as no-frills as one can find these days.  A basic AM/FM radio, crank windows, 5-speed manual transmission, no A/C, cruise, or power…anything.  Pretty much just the essentials are included, although it does have side impact airbags and a nifty digital clock right on the dashboard.

As far as the MPG’s go, I thought I’d spend the winter tracking the tank and see what this little golf cart can do.  The goal is to beat my summer car, the modified 2000 Cougar aka “Slow and Low”.   On paper, this looks easily achievable, considering the official EPA numbers:


The Aveo is definitely at a disadvantage, however.  Consider alone the ambient temps here in Minnesota in the wintertime (below zero for most of last week), which translates into both less efficiency when she’s going, but also burning gas while she sits there warming up (I’m sorry, but when it’s 10 below, I’m going to run it for at least 5 minutes.  The car was so frozen the other day that the clutch actually stuck to the floor).  Now, add the snow factor (and all the spinning and slogging that results), along with the fact that I wouldn’t consider myself as an expert with a stick shift, and that I won’t be logging nearly as many highway miles (I’m transferring to a store that is much closer to home)….I think we might have a pretty good competition here.

So, for the record, Slow and Low burned 213 gallons of fuel and travelled 6505 miles last season, which sets the mark to beat at 30.537 MPG.  Can this little Aveo do it? 

Mileage logs will be tracked here.   Or, better still, I’ll try to figure out a way to paste the tracker button

somewhere on the main page (it’s a little too wide for the sidebar).


  1. Wow, you’re all fancy there Chen! I’m about to buy a vintage model myself. I’ll probably die in the pre-airbag thing come to think of it…LOL. Nice one though, can I drive vicariously through you and feel a bit greener? LOL

  2. Dang General…blogging revenue must be good! 😉

    Pretty cute little car you got there.

    We bought a Honda Accord V-6 for my wife this summer with 268 horses and it was posted at 21-29 mpg. It gets it too as I drove in during Thanksgiving down the turnpike and got almost 28 mpg at 80-85 mph all the way for about 200 miles. And I absolutely could not believe the pickup this thing has. Honda does some incredible engineering with a combustible.

    What’s funny is my wife is the classic little, old lady while she’s mashing the brakes in traffic. She has no idea what is under the hood, or in the dash. I thought I’d try out her fancy 6-disk CD changer (never been used as there wasn’t a CD in it), nothing was programmed as I had to scan for stations, blah blah blah. If the air conditioning works and it gets her from point a to point b, well that is just great!

    Why I had to buy the fancy model for this woman, I have no idea. Never left the comfort of my bedroom buying the thing (internet) until I picked it up, though. That was nice.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Merry Christmas!

    Now, on a silly technical note, I’m a little disappointed that wordpress.com doesn’t allow me to insert background images in tables. It would be pretty handy in this case for my sidebar, since I could add a nice little graphic that displays the up-to-date MPG stats automatically.

  5. Finally, a Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I didn’t know they still made cars with crank windows!

    Merry Christmas everybody!

    (Entered from my iPhone. Hope this works.)

  7. R….of course they still make crank windows!….i won’t get a car any other way….you can actually fix those things when they go bad…

    Do you think Tex’s stroll with the Ghost of Christmas Past is over yet?

  8. Rabbit,

    I made it back by the skin of my teeth. I told the ghost I only one problem. Since Obama was elected Pres. Elect, I don’t have anything to be generous with anymore and could I get a loan from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to give to my friends?

    I agree with you Rabbit. Who needs auto when a good kitchen utensil will do? I was going to buy one of these for Chen’s birthday. Tell me if you think he would like one of these?

    Hope you and your Mrs. had a nice Christmas, old friend.

  9. Just for the record, there are plenty of cars that come standard with crank windows. Off the top of my head, on GM’s lot alone, I know of the Cobalt, the Vibe, the Silverado/Sierra W/T, and the Aveo.

    Anyway, my first run with the Aveo was a little disappointing. Granted, for this first tank, I haven’t been concentrating on MPG’s at all. I know this thing has some serious potential, so I’m going to have to try a little harder.

  10. Tex, will you lend me the money for mine? My husband is balking at the incredibly low price, and it’s not like I won’t pay him back…..It’s the car of my youth, man!! (and no, it’s not the greenest vehicle out there)

  11. No AC are you nuts ? How’s it handle in the snow ?

  12. lol…..that was hilarious. A great idea too.

  13. Alfie-

    Last summer I think there were 2 days that I broke down and used the a/c in the Cougar. This is Minnesota, remember. 😉

    Snow handling? Not that great, to be honest. The car is just too light, and has no traction control or ABS. I also need to get a little better at nursing the throttle with the stick shift, ’cause I sometimes find myself spinning in place. Luckily, our tax dollars go to a pretty robust snow removal system that has had decades to perfect, and the white stuff doesn’t stay on the roads for too terribly long.

    Also, the other night I replaced the stock AM/FM deck with a CD player that has an AUX input and an iPod sync (a Pioneer DEH-P590IB I scored off a craigslist listing), so now I can listen to something other than Sean Hannity. LOL If there is one cool thing about such a basic car, it is the fact that they are easy to take apart and modify without screwing anything up. I popped off two panels and pulled 4 screws, and that factory radio was outta there.

  14. Dear President Elect,

    Our current President doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Warez, Mexico is more dangerous then Baghdad, Iraq. He refuses to fortify our borders despite open warfare only few yards away. Narco-terrorists are pouring in and most of my unemployed friends who are citizens claim they are willing to pick strawberries (they will organize, of course..ha ha). Strawberries are so fricking delicious I will still buy them to topple the occasional short cake at double the price. Mr. President Elect, 4 dollar strawberries are worth stopping Huns, Goths and Vandals. Besides, as I’m sure hippie Chen will admit, homegrown is much better then dried out bricks of shwag that have traveled in a donkey’s ass. Also, that stuff makes the Rabbit hide in his garage where he ruins crown molding with his miter box saw. Misses Rabbit is addicted to crown molding, not drugs. So you can imagine the kind of trouble Rabbit got in.

    Will you ditch the whole neo-con world view thing please? Hamas thugs are filthy, murderous swine no matter if they are elected or not. The geopolitical theory that democracies never fight one another has been disproved, so can we move on? As for Iraq, President Rabbit would have installed an ambitious Ba’athist understudy who loves American hand outs and hates Wahhabi loons back in 2004. The “dishes would have been done, maaan”.

    Dear President Elect, the Rabbit has had enough with white collar crime. All I ask for is the special treatment to end. The Rabbit once landed himself in jail. His ankles and wrists were shackled and connected to several black guys in orange suites as he was transferred to “county” to await arraignment. There he sat in an over-crowded holding cell dripping with urine. Those more comfortable with the place took a shit in front of everyone. The memory still teases the Rabbit’s gag reflex. (No, the Rabbit wasn’t forced to gag on any object during his weekend get away, but he noticed a few poor souls that probably would be forced “to go down” that road). While all charges were dropped, the lesson Rabbit learned was invaluable. If jail is acceptable enough for a last name that ends with “ski” it should be good enough for a last name that ends with “stein”.

    So, in conclusion, don’t ask advice from that new Kennedy pure bred or any one else from the neo-Aristocracy who run our nation. Just go down to da docks and find da Rabbit. This is the information revolution. Guys like me read just as much as the Harvard nobility. The Economist magazine is online. Don’t be afraid to shoot me an email.

    Dead Rabbit 2.0

  15. Rabbit, 😆

    Your story of crown molding reminded me of my first shot at hanging the “stuff”. I cracked out my miter box thinking I’d just cut me some 45s, and off we’d go.

    For some reason, the thought of a coping saw never registered in my brain before I started. I could have hired “The Old Yankee Workshop” to have done it cheaper before I was thru butchering beautiful pieces of molding.

    Dear Lefty Chamber Readers (that would be a majority of you),

    I was going to make my first Obamessiah Predictions for 2009 but came across a column that summarizes my own predictions so much more eloquently than I could ever do. One of my favorite columnists is the incomparable Victor Davis Hansen. I “give you” the new lefty attitude of world peace and hope and change of 2009…and a prediction that the equally incomparable Charlie Daniels made several years back:



  16. shsss…I spelled VDH wrong. Make that Hanson

  17. Tex, rate W on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

    No doubt, we will all be served doses of cloying Obama frosting in globs. I have a feeling Chen will be flicking the sweet stuff at us with a plastic knife here at the Chamber. Just look at how much he refuses to wade in the sludge of Democratic scandals and buffoonery. Even if its going on in his own state!

    I read the article. No doubt about it, in a frozen vacuum, any positive developments will be attributed to Obama and any negative ones to Bush. By ” frozen vacuum” I mean a reality absent of new shit happening that makes us all totally reevaluate/reinforce what ever paradigms we formally deemed as true. But who knows what the hell is going to happen in the next 4 years?

    Mark my words, unfortunately Obama, and for that matter, our nation, will have to face challenges that simply can’t be shrugged off as cleaning up Bush’s mess. If I’m wrong, which I hope I am, who cares if Obama is a faux-golden boy? So what if Chen looks at a broken clock stuck at 5 o’clock at 5 o’clock and excitingly tells us all what time it is? It will be happy hour for us nonetheless!

    Tex, sometimes you swing the sword of reason, the battle axe of common sense and the dagger of rationality. Other times you’re armed with a golf pencil keeping score at a badminton game.

  18. Rabbit,

    Have you had your case of bipolar disorder diagnosed yet? If I am the one with the golf pad keeping score at the badminton game, you are the one driving the smokin’ Harley onstage to the debutante ball.

    I am simply stating I can guarantee you as of 1/21/09, the attitude of the MSM and the rest of the leftist hypocrites will do an abrupt 180 about how things have all the sudden become rosy in nature, with no explanation as to how or why. You will see the game of semantics played where our current Depression will become Recession, military action become relevant and necessary, while the Obamessiah regime will operate not much differently than the current one.

    I rate Bush a ‘C’ – passing, some good, some bad. The same grade I give his Father, philandering FDR, Eisenhower, and serial rapist Bill Clinton. The scale would equal George Washington and Abe being A, Reagan an A-, Truman a B+, LBJ a D, and Jimmah Carter flunking the class.

    Now, I hope I am wrong about Obama and there are signs to me he is at least pragmatic enough to want re-election as his hiring of Clinton’s cast offs attests. I think he is another in a long list of lame opportunists, neither as talented or as brilliant as the MSM would like us to believe. In fact, I don’t find Obama near the capable politician as Slick Willie. However, since he is our President, I wish him well and hope that I have underestimated his ability.

    And I think in the coming years, you will find my “keeping badminton score” far more equitable than Rutherford or the General ever were with Bush; mainly because I recognize bad government is not our real problem – it is a symptom of a much deeper problem that stems from too many Americans unable to fend or think for themselves.

  19. Rutherford or the General for the most part are wind-bags. I seriously have never seen Chen think for himself in terms of politics. Outside the political realm, I’ve seen some glimmers of hope.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with what your saying. But damn. Who fricking cares. The GOP and the right wing as a whole deserve it. America becomes socialist right in front of Tex’s very eyes by none other then the GOP, and Tex is worried about free passes the media might give Obama? Where is your wit and venom when it was needed? It’s your ilk that have let me down. Where were you conservatives during the bail-out? You were all oddly quiet, except, of course, when 1% of that money was going towards the automakers. The House Republicans played Billy Bad Ass for awhile, only later passing the most pork ridden piece of legislature ever in the history of America. Where is your outrage over the government subsidized CEO bonuses? Where are your venomous attacks on the GOP’s handling of our borders? The left can never be fixed becuase they prove themselves to Utopian tool bags time and time again. But, the right can fix itself! The right can become a phoenix, rising out of the ashes. Stop the spending. (I only backed the auto bailout because that money was already allotted for spending, not on principal.) Stop illegal immigration. Stop the stupid nation building overseas.

    Are you gonna play gotcha for the next 4 years, or join the Rabbit in a new Era of Conservatism? Your type have the power to clean house!

    America needs Tex 2.0. or we’re screwed.

  20. Now Rabbit. Let’s be fair.

    I fully admitted I wasn’t a macro economist on this very board during the $700B bail out, and have admitted since you were right about howling, and how I wish I had been wise enough to join you in the first place. I never took a real position about the first bailout because I frankly didn’t know enough about the risk involved. I had to assume that Paulson, Greenspan and Bernacke knew what they were doing (they didn’t), and were telling the truth when the “sky is falling” financial talks were ongoing.

    I have been an outspoken critic for five years against Bush spending (and a major reason I discount his two terms), except about the wars which I felt a necessity and still do – 401Ks don’t mean much if you’re dead or living under sharia law.

    I was and still am adamantly against the auto bailout because I think it’s throwing money down a stink hole, and won’t resolve the real problems of previous generations of inept management and corrupt unions screwing this generation of domestic autoworkers, whom I don’t blame. Their entire system is broken and making failed loans won’t be the medicine necessary to fix the problems. Of that, I’m sure.

    I am against any further bailouts for anyone, like you invoking the term “socialism” and “nationalism” on this board to describe the current policies of this administration and its current opposition – who I now consider equally worthless concerning economic management.

    Add to the fact, I haven’t personally received a dime of any benefit or enjoyment from my losses, and have in fact watched 40% of Scrooge’s net worth go down the dink in three months because of inept politic and corrupt business management, none of my own doing; so much so that I will be lucky to ever see medical school again, and I feel like I’ve got as good a reason to feel screwed as anyone here.

    And to be frank unlike most here, part of my current dilemma hasn’t been about making poor personal decisions. Contrary, I did exactly what I was supposed to do for 20 years by maximizing my 401k contributions, staying out of debt, saving for my kid’s college while not using a dime of public funding to pay for their K-12 educations, maximized FICA for years which I don’t ever expect to see a dime of, and buying a house I could afford which now basically paid for. My thanks for playing by the rules and living practically is to have be shafted without even getting a reach around of receiving previous enjoyment.

    I understand and sympathize with your current streak of bad luck, much of it not of your making, and am not blaming any of you in the least, old “R” included, because Rutherford has had to face some major health concerns I haven’t. Life has a way of screwing you when you least expect it. I still consider myself luckier than most, for no other reason than the wonderful woman I’m married to who had the sense to keep her feckless husband in line when he was younger and much dumber.

    But at least give me the courtesy of being party to one of the shafted. I believe my wife and I could make as good a case as any posting here that we’ve gotten a really raw deal.

    However, I am also pragmatic enough and have enough faith in my fellow brother named Dead Rabbit that guys like you and I (and even Rutherford and Chen) aren’t going to let this country fall to its knees on account of failed leadership. Whatever we have to do, we will pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, together if necessary, and restore a semblance of balance to the equation. Even if means getting some rope to hang around a few necks.

  21. you and me…

  22. 😆

    After reading thru my diatribe D.R., I realized I still didn’t answer your question.

    Yes, you can count on me to be fair. But part of being fair is forcing the new administration to play by the same set of rules that the old administration was forced to abide.

    To be absolutely fair, you should hold Obama to the same set of standards, or they should be made to admit that the last seven years of divisiveness have been grossly unfair.

    Personally, I really do wish Obama the best for no other reasons than selfish, and if it weren’t for his really radical social policies of which I am vehemently against (abortion being one), I believe you would find me quite supportive.

    I am first and foremost, jingoistically American and proud of that fact. Chen and Rutherford don’t know this, but if push comes to shove, they can count on me.

  23. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Tex 2.0 !!!!!!!

    Please do not confuse Rabbit’s rants with self loathing victim-hood. On several different levels I have been part of the problem.

    You, my friend, truly are the victim and that’s why I don’t get the free pass you’re essentially giving Bush. If Bush was a Democrat, I just know you would be frothing at the mouth as you post away here at the Chamber. I feel Bush should be getting the proverbial Tex ass kickin’ that most of us here have had the painful experience of receiving. It’s unbelievable what this country has done since Labor Day. UNBELIEVABLE! Tex should be growling like a Grey Wolf. I don’t blame you for trusting Bush. But he lied. And Tex should be unleashing hell throughout the blogosphere. But it aint happening. And that’s what I don’t get.

  24. D.R.,

    I’m not beating Bush up because I’m still grateful for what he has done for this country, that he gets enough of it unjustly without me doing it, and I don’t think him the major cause of the economic turmoil. We can blame Bush for supporting the bailouts, for his incessant chants of “go spend” when he should have been chanting “go save”, etc…but I’m not blaming him for my 401k becoming a 201k again for the second time. This problem is far more complicated than one man.

    I blame the bleating sheep called the American consumer and a very corrupt Wall Street greed a lot more than I blame Bush, or even Barney Frank for that matter. So I’m not sure the fact Bush a Republican makes me give him a pass. Personally, I find this issue mostly apolitical.

    When people are patriots like Bush, and yes I think him the patriot just like I think you’re one, I do grant them a degree of leniency that I don’t give political hacks like much of the left who I know damn well is rotten to the f*cking core.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for Obama to do well either. His success probably means our success. If it wasn’t that I didn’t highly suspect Obama a really bad apple, I probably wouldn’t be near as vocal about him either.

    What I can’t stand are double standards and injustice. And I think most Dimocrats live in that world of game playing and injustice because without it, they can’t compete. Hence, I loosely call myself a Republican because I’m conservative.

  25. rabbit-

    Rutherford or the General for the most part are wind-bags. I seriously have never seen Chen think for himself in terms of politics. Outside the political realm, I’ve seen some glimmers of hope.

    You guys had a good convo going there until I stumbled upon the insult. I guess I’m kinda curious as to whose opinions I’m borrowing from. I mean, it’s not like I simply paste news reports around here. I’m offering up my own thoughts on everything. If they happen to jive with others, well, that’s bound to happen to anyone that isn’t a complete nutbar, right?

    Look, it might surprise you guys to know that I’m pretty pissed about the bailouts myself. I can’t believe that someone like Paulson was handed the keys to a $700 billion lockbox. The concept just boggles the mind. What has the money done for us? No one seems to know. Crazy.

    My “fearbush” side wants to believe that, as bad as Bush has been over the last 7 years, he still managed to get out one last hurrah. Just when I thought I had moved past it, and I tell myself that he’s done all the damage he can do and he’s just a pathetic lame duck in the home stretch, here comes Paulson’s giveaway and a recession.

    Are we completely fucked? I dunno. It’s kinda depressing just thinking about it. In my corner of the world, I’ve watched the car sales dwindle down to almost nothing. An increasing percentage of people aren’t buying cars because they want a new one anymore. The people I talk to are the need people, and its getting harder and harder to make it work. I’m beginning to wonder if, after the domestic automakers collapse and the economy worsens, there will only be so many people out there that can even get a new car. Will we become like Cuba, where instead of buying, people just perpetually repair and rebuild the old ones? I think there’s an element of that going on right now, actually. Sure, I made the decision to grab up an econobox. I have been responsible, and have good credit. But I think its obvious that there are more and more people out there who have no other choice than to keep dumping money into the same beater (or just drive around waiting for the wheels to come off). Again, just my corner of the world, but I think I sit in front of a pretty good barometer of how things are going. America and automobiles are pretty symbiotic, after all. Soon we’ll see the ripple effect of the abysmal holiday shopping season, and things should really get interesting.

    Oh well, at least I’ve got you guys to share the ride with me. So thanks for that.

  26. I think I get a little of what you are saying. The left portrays Bush as evil, with their conspiracies and obvious hatred of America. And, your right, this economic disaster was caused by a basic lack of morals by a huge percentage of the American people, from all walks of life.

    We needed courageous leadership. Instead we got a quivering coward. I ultimately feel Bush was a disgrace. Sure enough a disgraced patriot….kind of like the Dead Rabbit himself. But a disgrace nonetheless.

    If there is one thing I’ve learned in this whole mess, it is that there are no bail outs. Your grandchildren will pay dearly for this. Mark my words.

    The last time we put shit off was over what I believe Jefferson referred to as the “peculiar institution.” Damn did that spanking hurt when the time came.

  27. I wasn’t insulting you, Chen. I stand by what I said. You were utterly nothing but an Obama spinster the entire election. The only time you didn’t try to frame Obama in a positive light was a short quip on how you were disappointed with his VP choice. That’s it. I never saw one piece of critical analysis on how Obama can possibly even come close to doing 5% of what he has promised. Sorry dude, that’s just how I see it.

    But hey, maybe we will get Chen 2.0 for 09.

  28. Lots of dialog here so maybe I missed it but isn’t anyone royally pissed that butt head financials like JP Morgan Chase “decline” to share with us how they are spending our money? WTF????!!!

    Half of the $700 billion is spent and can’t be accounted for, partly because the arrogant schmucks who got the handout don’t think they owe us an explanation.

    While I will always be a social liberal, the deeper this country goes down the financial crap hole the more I will be turning into a financial conservative.

    By the way Dead Rabbit, I hereby completely confess that give me five minutes in prison and I would crap my pants and die of a coronary on the spot. Kudos that you survived the experience.

  29. General,

    If you want my opinion, better times will return fairly soon (9-12 months) unless some geopolitical event nobody can predict stops it; possibly Iran or Russia start to rear their ugly head again increasing a barrel of crude exponentially. A lot of this market drop off is overblown in my opinion, is due mainly to overspending and bad credit from our spoiled American public, irrational fear on a part of investors because nobody knows what to believe because of a lack of honesty, including many in the Dimocrat leadership of which none of you leftists will admit. I’m not blaming leftists for all of – I am blaming them for much of it.

    I believe the market will return because I am not believing a company like Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, or Dupont is 70% of the company it was three months ago.

    Israel is going to be forced to deal with Iran because you leftist idiots have beaten into the fickle and muddled American public it is not our problem in the middle east, when in reality it is very much our problem. I hate to tell you this, but you and your ilk’s constant bashing of Bush may have damaged America far more than anything Bush has done because now we are very hesitant to take bold steps that may be required. Western Europe is gutless and feckless and always was. Their opinion of us should mean sh*t, but you guys and the MSM treat it as if important, and obviously a majority of dumbasses agree. Foolish; very foolish.

    And the economic return when it happens will having nothing to do with Obama’s policies but you’ll be wagging the finger about his greatness. I can hear it now, just like you did when Clinton presided over a good economy. He and his toadies’ policies had nothing to do with it which was nothing but a cyclical recovery. Ronald Reagan benefited in much the same way in 1982 and Republicans should admit as much. Reagan’s greatness was not his tax policy as Sean Hannity thinks, but the size of his balls, the moral clarity he had with the added ability to communicate clearly – something George Bush has been woeful at.

    The best thing gov’t can do for our economy? Keep the taxes low, preside over the legalities of keeping it honest when required with as little regulation as possible, start being honest themselves, and get out of the way.

    People’s perceptions of hopelessness will change because we are not even close to hopelessness in America, and it is human nature to adjust expectations. We’re not even close to the malaise of the Jimmah Carter era, or possibly even the last bad recession of 1982. But it seems that way because guys your age have never had to deal with a tough job economy and I told you that here six months ago as you will recall. Welcome to the real world.

    Trust me, this is not near as bad a job market as when I was graduating from college in 1982. It may get that way, but you’re still living larger than 95% of the rest of the world. You and I can thank Americans of past lore for that. We both should be more grateful.

  30. That above should have read Western Europe’s leadership opinion of us shouldn’t mean sh*t…believe me, it will be us bailing them out once again one day for their general lack of reality when their asses are on the line.

    And the smart and honest ones admit that openly now.

  31. Tex, well said. And Dupont is a steal! Damn…i need some money.

  32. Man, I’m sorry to end the New Year making statements like this but the fact that Americans think the Dimocrat party the party of intellects and adults has to be the truest sign yet I’ve witnessed that I now believe Apocalypse is upon us. America deserves to go in the dink.

    Anybody heard Caroline Kennedy (man has she been rode hard and put up wet), the next appointed NY Senator, talk? This is like nominating a Valley Girl to a position of power. And we’ve got Al Franken and the crooks literally stealing an election in MN. Al Franken! How do you even try to comment on that? Or Nanzi Pelosi as Speaker? A new pres. elect the media fawns over and he comes from the most obviously corrupt part of the political country and we are all supposed to believe he’s clean? Politics has become not just a joke but a disgrace.

    For the few conservatives on this board, I’m warning you. Screw the politics. We better come up with a plan to somehow separate from these clowns or you and yours are going to go right down the tubes with them.

  33. You’re a chameleon Chen.

    Happy New Year.

  34. Did Caroline Kennedy get selected? Where is Chen lambasting her???? She is 5,000 times worse then Palin. At least Palin has guts. Chen…what gives? You were obsessed with Palin for weeks. Nothing on Kennedy? Tar and Feather Chen! Tar and…uh…oops…sorry Chen.

  35. Nah Rabbit…Caroline not there yet. I just think she will be.

    Can you believe my wife left me for the week with two dogs and no kids to go deliver late Christmas – and here I am “blogging.”

  36. In2 2 bits
    R going to be a financial conservative ? That will be an interesting transition. You think truly conservative or with laissez faire etc. or something else ?
    Bush showed some good and some bad. His focus,one sightedness was both a blessing and a curse depending on the issue.
    Chen and R I’m looking for the WPPBA to post zip code based economy posts see here for a hint. Any desire to get in on this ?
    Caroline will get it and is a poor poor poor choice for the Party that wants everyone to hear “Change”

  37. Deliver late Christmas? Whats that mean, Tex? A Presbyterian tradition I’m not familiar with? Are you guys having another child?????? Explain!

  38. I guarantee you this, Chen actually has a life and won’t be here on his own blog when the ball drops. Hopefully he is with a couple hot chicks who dig energy efficient cars…

  39. Nah, I’m a eunuch…and she is one of those heathen Catholics. Remember?

    No, it means she went over to her family down the pike to deliver Christmas gifts so she can see the family.

    I’M SO ALONE! Bored out of my mind and the football game sucks.

  40. Oh…I thought “Deliver late Christmas” was some kind of thing. I even goggled it. You should have gone to the inlaws.

    Your a depressed man. I can sense it. Just like a vampire can recognize another one across the room.

    Hey Tex, my wife is pregnant again. Can you believe that? Two different doctors tell us to spend all this money on some Frankenstein project and the Rabbit gets it done Peter North style.

    Last year we went through two miscarriages…so I’m not getting too excited…but it’s certainly making me reassess things a bit.

  41. Hey Tex, my wife is pregnant again. Can you believe that?

    Excellent! I got my fingers crossed this time my friend! I think you’d make a pretty, good daddy.

    Me? Maybe a little bit depressed only cause my wife has been home for two weeks, and starting this Saturday I lose her again until my youngest graduates in May. Add to the fact, I may have to reconsider med school which bums me a bit.

    Otherwise, I’m doing okay even considering this year has definitely sucked. Have a Happy New Year Rabbit. It was fun getting to meet you this year.

  42. You too Tex! I’m sure we will have a lot to b.s. about in 09.

  43. “I think you’d make a pretty, good daddy.”

    Holy shit…I forgot about that part.

  44. first post of 09.

  45. Last post of ’09. Happy New Year everybody – see you next year…

    ~ Tex

  46. First of ’09!!!!!!

    *singing* Oh yeah, oh yeah, I did it, I’m the first, Eat ya’ hearts out 😆

    Kind of funny how the first post of ’09 is a meaningless one 😆

  47. Duh, figures my last post of the year would have a typo. Probably my first one this year will too. That was supposed to read last post of ’08’ from above.


    Can you get any resale value having a car without air-conditioning where you live?

  48. Good for you, Rabbit! Looks like true to your name, the rabbit died. What a great way to start the New Year.

    Hope everyone had a good New Year. Let’s hope there’s lots of good stuff to blog about in the next twelve months!

  49. I am actually a bit disappointed in Caroline Kennedy. I think wanting to be a senator decreases her credibility. Sorry to disappoint those who expected a knee jerk liberal reaction.

  50. Tex-

    Can you get any resale value having a car without air-conditioning where you live?

    If gas hits $4 a gallon again, this car might as well be made of gold! muhahaha!

    Seriously though, the A/C thing is pretty minor in my book. Like I said, here in MN I managed to use the air conditioning only a couple of trips. Of course, I was trying to conserve, but it gives you an idea of the climate where I live. If needed, the A/C is actually a GM accessory option, and for about $1500 one can add it if one wishes.

    About a year ago I sold an 07 SVM just like mine to an Islamic couple for $8995 (I mention the fact that they were Islamic because of the whole “riba” thing, and they declined rebates to get the car with 0% financing). Anyway, I bought my SVM a year later with 12K miles on it for $7991, which was about $500 less than what we had invested in it.

    The reality is, a car is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, so market conditions ultimately trump everything. So, anything is possible. But when you’re only paying $8K, its not like you’re putting that much risk on the table. Even in the unlikely event that its worth half a couple years from now, I’m not that flipped in a worst-case scenario. Nowhere near the negative equity situation in which I’ve seen so many.

    I hopped in a brand-new Hyundai today, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Accent didn’t have a radio. No radio! Now that is something else.

  51. I hopped in a brand-new Hyundai today, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Accent didn’t have a radio. No radio! Now that is something else.

    That’s because people like to buy their own radio systems and install them. Ya know the kind of peeps the ones with the big speaker systems in the back

  52. I hopped in a brand-new Hyundai today, and I couldn’t help but notice that the Accent didn’t have a radio. No radio! Now that is something else.

    I didn’t know cars came without radio. We bought my baby daughter a 2006 Hyundai Sonata about a year ago with 30K on it – and it was the luxury model type with sun roof and fancy wheels. Though I haven’t been blown away with the quality, I will tell that I took that car on a road trip and it road better than my Acura. With the warranty they offer, I consider it one of the better valued models going.

  53. Damn. Too much nanny-overseeing and Big Brother involvement always, ALWAYS, turns sour. My wife gave me a cigar humidor for Christmas. Being the total irresponsible louse that I am, I filled it up with about 200 hundred dollars worth of fine cigars. I couldn’t stop myself needling the damn thing. Trying to get the humidity at a perfect 70%. I just couldn’t keep my hands off it. Poking, prodding. Opening. Shutting. I ended up over watering the humidor and possibly ruining all of my cigars, as water leaked on them. Will somebody please punch me. I already felt guilty for buying the cigars. I want Rutherford to punch me 300 hundred times with what I imagine is his “Mr. Burns style” left jab; Slowly eroding my ear from the side of my face.

    The stereotype about a certain Eastern European Slavic ethnic group is true. I prove that on a daily basis.

  54. “R” told us how disgusted he was that the media dare investigate guys like Richardson. How dare all of us dog-sniff Obama ass, muddling up Obamawesomeness. Rutherford, your world is false.

  55. Damn,

    I can’t even spell anymore…rode; not road. Tex, you imbecile.

    Yea, I read where Richardson was leaving the post today.

    Rats leaving the Titanic II and it hadn’t even been launched yet. What a carnival this fiasco is going to be! Corruption abounds and they haven’t even made it to the inauguration yet! 😆

  56. DR 2.0,

    You a “ski”? Man, I was watching the world’s strongest men’s contest, and the “ski’s” were wiping everyone’s tail.

    I said to myself right then, I ain’t ever taking on a “ski” – not even a Keyboard Cowboy like myself can pull airplanes down the runway while pulling themselves with a rope. Especially, a cigar smoking “ski…”

    How is your wife feeling? It seems so soon, I was worried about the endometrial lining “stuff.”

  57. The second release of Dead Rabbit correctly pegged me with the physique of Mr. Burns. This is true but it’s about the only trait we share. I think I’m much less malicious than Homer’s boss.

    As for Richardson, damn, I’ve got to be careful what I say in the Chamber because some of you have long memories. (Perhaps the name should change to Dead Elephant?)

    In any case, I’m annoyed at old Bill. He’s a dumbass to have accepted the nomination knowing what hot water he was or will be in. If I were Obama, I’d be royally pissed but then I guess he didn’t sufficiently vet Richardson … which is odd since wasn’t Richardson vetted for VP?

    I’d be a fool to say Republicans have a strangle hold on corruption. I just hope this is the worst of it and not the tip of the iceberg. (I know Holder will get some flack in the confirmation process for his involvement in one of Clinton’s old pardons.)

    By the way, I watched Fox News Sunday this morning and discovered I was in agreement with Brit Hume and Bill Kristol. I think my world is truly coming to an end. 😦

  58. Damn “R”,

    I’m truly shocked and about wet my pants reading that post. A reasoned response coming from you about politic? You must have been having a weak moment.

    But if your world is truly coming to an end, wouldn’t that be a good thing? I mean, it doesn’t appear the leftist dogma you’ve practiced your adult life as guidance has served you so well recently. Fate caught up with you. Perhaps it is overdue for you to make a change in practice and thought?

    See, the problem with liberal politics being your guide is that once it fails you and it invariably will, you have nothing to turn to for hope besides random chance.

    There’s a better way…and believe it or not, it isn’t the Republican model either. 😉

  59. Tex, well my Mom is a Ski. My Dad is Lithuanian. If you’ve ever read about 13th century Europe, you would know that was and still is a very common 50-50 mix. (Polish-Lithuanian Empire). My mom can speak Polish (kind of). My Dad can’t even pronounce “Lithuania” let alone show off any Baltic lingo. I know swear words from both. In all honesty, I really don’t get into the whole ethnic back ground thing much. Sometimes I think people are pretty cheesy with all that stuff , specially the Irish. Its like they are striving for some self identity they deem unique. We eat the food and go to Catholic mass (sometimes). That’s about it. Although my family is sometimes involved with Lithuanian sport affiliations. My brother played on a Lithuanian basketball team with football player Joe Jurevicius for example.

    So far, so good when it comes to my wife. This cycle was actually by far the best ever when it comes to all that medical stuff. The 19th will be very important, as its our first ultra-sound. Need to hear a heart beat. Has to happen! I seriously fear dealing with the ramifications of another set back. I have a feeling my wife will be devastated if there is no heart beat that day.

    Thanks for asking Tex!

  60. This little Aveo is losing. My last tank was a mere 25.2 MPG, which puts it well below aveorage (that’s my little joke). I guess with the wheels, the lack of highway driving, and the warming it up for 10 minutes a pop, this car doesn’t really have a shot at beating the Cougar.

    Perhaps its time for a new thread.

  61. Chen don’t do it. A three week running blog on the fuel efficiency of the Aveo 5 SVM nothing short of riveting. I just hope the word press server can withstand all the hits you must be getting.

  62. hardy…frickin…har

  63. Chen, 😆

    So you go and by a new, stripped down model and she’s hogging on you, huh? Sounds like your string of luck has been like mine.

    After bragging on Christmas Eve that nobody in my family had been sick in 10 years, my oldest gets some stomach bug that afternoon, then passed out hitting her head on the washer requiring seven stitches, bleeding like a stuck pig.

    Her daddy takes her to minor emergency covered in blood and other horrid body fluids not his own, has to hold her up in the toilet so that she doesn’t pass out again which she does on my shoulder, and he in turn proceeds to hang over the toilet on Christmas Day upon contracting some G.I. crap. I felt like death warmed over for a week, yet somehow managed to gain a few pounds over the holidays. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

  64. You’re not superstitious, are you Tex?

    New thread up. Finally.

  65. Tex don’t wet your pants just yet. The item that I agreed with Hume and Kristol about was the total nonsense of the Blago scandal. They opined, and I agree that if Fitzgerald had the real goods on Blago, he would have indicted him by now. The arrest was a premature attempt by a “noble” prosecutor to prevent a potentially corrupt nomination. Burris’ appointment is completely legal and he should be seated as a Senator.

    I’m pretty sure that is about the only thing I’m ever likely to agree with Brit Hume and Bill Kristol about in the very near future.

    By the way, I hear that Alan Colmes is retiring from Hannity and Colmes. Wow, now Fox News will become even more fair and balanced!

  66. Also what in that case to do?

    P.S. Please review our stock icons site and windows13icons there.

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