2 Years Of Chamber Battles

January 16, 2009

I just thought I’d mention that the Chamber just had its 2nd birthday.   I’ll crack open an adult beverage to celebrate, but first I thought it’d be kinda neat to offer a little insight on where we’ve been.  A sort of “by the numbers”, a couple years in:


Top 10 posts all-time (by hits):

Title Views  
WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance 4,929  
Photos: Karl Rove and George W. Bush 4,797  
Satellite Images: Gustav vs. Katrina 2,379  
Confirmed: Cindy McCain Is the Crypt Ke 1,685  
Racy Idol Photos: Brilliant! 1,654  
The Perils Of Posting Legitimate Questio 1,534  
The Cost Of “Infrastructure” Vs. War 1,383  
Who The Heck Is Johanna Cardona? 1,359  
Greetings Lizards! (Update: Banned) 1,285  
Is Andrew Rove “Prepared For War”? 1,182  

Top 10 search terms (how we were found):

Search Views
karl rove 2,900  
chenzhen’s chamber 2,287  
big mac 975  
chevrolet aveo 728  
tall 642  
george w bush 605  
johanna cardona 583  
godzilla 515  
chenzhen 455  
cyrus the great 430  

Top 10 clicks (links visitors clicked):

URL Clicks
time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,16… 264  
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonella_Barba 208  
chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/… 176  
chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/… 175  
technorati.com/search/johanna%20cardo… 139  
redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm… 122  
chenzhen.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/… 115  
wordpress.com/tag/wordpress-political… 99  
littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog 89  
technorati.com/search/video%20johanna… 85  

Traffic by the month:

click to enlarge








There you have it!  A modest blog, to be sure, but I’ve certainly had a lot of fun so far.  Here’s to a couple more!


  1. well happy blog birthday, with all the rigorous discussion that goes on here I thought your total hits count would have been higher. This is the first time that I was aware of that photo of Rove and Bush, they look so…happy together.

  2. Better drink up Chen and enjoy yourself for as long as the good times last. Because I got a feeling from here on out, your drinking will be to mask the stigma of disaster of which you will now be without excuse.

    Like I’ve said before, the left’s record of success is one of abysmal failure, from fighting wars, to domestic auto manufacturing, to public education. You name anything they control short of Congress, and I’ll show you defeat.

    And as I write this, I see your largest libbie state, CA, is now on the verge of bankruptcy, unable to even reimburse their own tax payers. In addition, the patron of Clinton Dimocratic economics, Robert Rubin (THE GREATEST TREASURY SECRETARY EVER!), left in shame this week after ruining Citicorp. What goes around, comes around.

    Yes, the next four years should be interesting. 👿

  3. I love stats.

  4. D.R.,

    Do you have any news? If so, I hope it is good news.

  5. I sure do. Heartbeat was going strong. I went to the ultra-sound with my wife. This was very, very good news. Our odds of miscarriage dropped from 50% to 12%. Of course who knows. But, I can’t help it…I’m getting caught up in it again, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. Thanks for asking Tex!

    • OT

      hmmm…looks like Zombie deleted a comment I made yesterday over on her blog. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised, considering the whole “punked” episode, but a look at the crazy shit she left stand in the same thread, and I have to think that it might be more than just a grudge. The General is just plain intimidating.

      I might another addition for the “CZ deemed to scary at” list in the sidebar, I guess.

  6. Good news Rabbit. I came here to check to see if you left a message. Funny how unimportant politics and the dismal economy become when life itself enters the equation. If you heard a heart beat, your wife must be about ten weeks along?

    Chen, I never understood the fascination with Zombie over at LGF. I think it is a HE never impressed me much like HE did so many others.

  7. Tex- I have it on extra-double-top-secret exclusive info that we’re talking about a SHE.

    Not that it really matters.

  8. Tex- I have it on extra-double-top-secret exclusive info that we’re talking about a SHE.

    Not that it really matters.

    Maybe, but I know on those few times Zombie has written for PJM as guest, they refer to him at the end of their writeup.

    I guess it could be that Zombie paranoid enough she even asked PJM to slant the gender. However, it would be hard for me to believe if Zombie were a girl, she would be in attendance at that Folsom Fair orgy. If so, by the pictures accompanying the writeup, she would be the only “girl” in attendance.

  9. Chen, your stats make me feel isignificant. At least I can post comments.

  10. No Tex, 7 weeks.

  11. D.R.

    They must have used something to amplify the heart beat. I learned you can actually hear the heart beat at around 25 days, but I didn’t know they actually did that in practice.

    Pretty cool…

  12. Dead Rabbit, you are human so you can’t help “getting caught up in it again.” I’m glad to hear that things are going well.

    Chen, congratulations on the robust stats for your first two years. Truly though, I think the more important accomplishment is the community you have created within the blog. If one looks at your average post, you don’t have lots of “commenters” but you have loads of comments because you have a bunch of folks, including myself, who come here to debate the issues that your posts discuss. Among just a few of us (Tex, DR, Alfie, Lex, Sensico, me) you can easily go over 100 comments on a good post.

    So my hat’s off to you. (It also does my ego good to see that some days you only get 23 hits. It can be real lonely being one voice among millions in the blogosphere. 🙂 )

  13. 😆

    What the General didn’t write, since the weather has been less than stellar here (come on global warming), 10 of those 23 hits were probably me checking on my buddy Rabbit and his good news as I banged around on the net for almost the entire day. First time I’ve done that since last year.

    This is absolutely the worst time of year for TV until March Madness, and I was left with two choices, being my family out of town again for the long weekend: (1) Wii; (2) Perusing the Internet.

    You can only “bowl” by yourself so many times.

  14. thanks Rutherford. Yeah Tex, they did some sort of internal ultrasound. Not the typical one. At 7 weeks the baby already as ears. Can you believe that?

  15. At three months D.R., every organ is in place. Quite the miracle, of which we all take for granted.

    Good luck to your wife and you. If it is your first, it is life changing, of which I can’t even describe the highs and the lows, nor the changes.

    But it will be the best thing you ever do – trust me.

  16. Modest? My blogs busiest day has been 49 views. To me, you’re a titan. :p Congrats on two years (and kudos on WP Political Blogs Alliance)!

  17. Man, I have been intellectually brain dead of late. Just nothing going on over here. I’m into working, drinking a few beers, renting stupid movies with the old lady and sleeping. I try to read, but no go.

    I drool a lot more when I sleep too…wonder if that’s related.

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