Take the Ten High Challenge

January 25, 2009

With the status of the nation’s economy being what it is, it stands to reason that everyone is trying to save money wherever they can these days.  Some people are clipping coupons for the first time in their lives.  Others are cutting back on, or just plain giving up activities that they’ve enjoyed in the past.  In this spirit (pun intended), I’m going to offer up a little discovery I made on my last trip to the liquor store:  Ten High Whiskey 

Now, I certainly understand that alcoholic beverages in general are something that can be lived without, but I’m not willing to make that sacrifice just yet.  So, after having one of those “Nothing beats Jack Daniel’s/ but it’s so expensive!” conversations arguments with the girlfriend, I headed to the store to try to prove a point.  I told her that I could buy the cheapest whiskey on the shelf and she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, especially when we’re mixing it with cola (or in this particular case, Dr. Pepper).   At $45.99, the Jack really outta blow the cheap stuff in the plastic bottle out of the proverbial water, right?   The Ten High is almost 1/3 the price ($16.99).  Anyway, I”m sure people all over have had this conversation for decades, but this my first time with it, so bear with me.  The Challenge:

1.75L - $45.991.75L - $16.99

For this experiment, I poured double shots into two identical glasses with the same amount of ice, and picked different colored straws so I wouldn’t get confused when I presented it to her.  Once the Dr. Pepper was in there, I noticed that the glass with the Ten looked and smelled the same, right down to the frothy residue left on the side of the drinking vessel.  She took several sips out of each one, thought about it, gave me a weird look, and I asked “So which one is Jack?”.

She guessed wrong.

So, there you have it.  Now we can play games and have drunken sex, and spend the other $29 on a trip to the movie theater me.   Good times.



  1. Now, I certainly understand that alcoholic beverages in general are something that can be lived without…

    More of your unsubstantiated lies, Comrade Chen. :~)

    I think you’ll discover over time that the ‘bottom shelf’ stuff gets kinda annoying the longer you stay with it. But I’m sure the Comrade-In-Chief will have this economy humming like a well paid hooker on her knees in no time flat, and you can return to the top shelf.

  2. Jack? Damn, you guys are hard core.

    One thing you left out of your otherwise noble experiment was the hang-over. Cheaper/improper made alcoholic beverages are often times charged up with alcohols (I forget the technical chemistry of it)that gives one a major skull splitter. For example, I made this batch of mead that, due to some of my own mistakes (too high of a fermentation temp, to be boring about it), is guaranteed to make you want to kill yourself in the morning.

    I can’t drink the southern Bourbon shit. Every now and then a Jameson hits the spot though.

  3. I think you’ll discover over time that the ‘bottom shelf’ stuff gets kinda annoying the longer you stay with it.

    I think a lot of it is how you’re drinking it. It’s gonna be tough for anyone to tell the difference in this situation. Lucky for us, that’s usually how we take our booze. On the other hand, if you’re one of these people who drinks wine or takes shots of tequila, well, I can see where you get your money’s worth on the good stuff. Heck, I can drink just about any beer (save Milwaukee’s Best; that stuff is just nasty), but I’ll admit that for the most part, you get what you pay for. I guess what I’m trying to do here is share what’s got to be a genuine value for parties on a budget; the Dr. High* is a tasty drink. (*hmm, I suppose I could coin that one)

    BTW- paleo, have I ever asked you what (or who) the heck that is in your avatar?

  4. paleo, have I ever asked you what (or who) the heck that is in your avatar?

    Yeah, I gotta dump that sucka, but too lazy. From back in the lgf days.

    BTW: Imma farker now. You, by chance?

  5. No, I’m not a farker. Haven’t really checked it out.

    But I’m still curious about the significance of what appears to be a photo collage with a male stripper holding a green football.

  6. where is my avatar at?

    • gravatars are triggered by email addys, rabbit. change your email on the comment form, and your gravatar goes away.

      As you can see, I’ve edited it back in for you. It’s your yahoo account.

      Incidentally, this is how I make the “Chamber Emblems” work, also.

  7. thanks

  8. No, I’m not a farker. Haven’t really checked it out.

    You should, especially the “Politics” section. A pretty interesting mix of right and left wingers. Probably a hell of a lot more lefties than right, but for me it’s like shooting canaries in cages. You might find some interesting discussion material for here. If you sign up, let me know, I’ll let you know what my nic is. Be like old times at lgf.

  9. The layout is kinda disappointing, but I signed up anyway. I gotta wait 6 hours to post, apparently.

    My nic as it is everywhere. and look for the dreaded purple star.

  10. One thread for which I have absolutely no contribution. Depending on how you look at it, I was blessed (or damned) with a strong distaste for booze. No moral stance here, literally a strong disTASTE for booze. Don’t even like beer.

    Now I might concern myself with the price differential between Red Rose and Tetley. 🙂

  11. As an aside, when I first moved to CT, I was unfamiliar with the notion of a “package store”. I wandered into one on an evening drive home for work and when the store keeper asked me what I was looking for, I replied “where are the donuts?” After a few moments of considering whether or not he should bodily remove me from the establishment, he said, “Sir, this is a liquor store.” I told him I was new to the area and only on my way out did I notice that the shelves were full of nothing but beer, wine and other spirits. DOH!

  12. I drink Mezcal.

    And I’m gonna need a lot of it to get through the next four years!

  13. My nic as it is everywhere. and look for the dreaded purple star.

    Cool. I’ll give you a heads up if we end up on a thread together. I mainly hang out in Politics.

  14. Chen what happens if you use generic Dr. Pepper though ?

  15. You complete me

  16. lol….I defy Chen to defend this fuck-tard.

    This bail out is actually worse then W’s!

  17. Ten High is not bad for the buck! My elderly father, with whom I keep house, brought some home and it is now our preferred 5 o’clock tipple.

    Unlike most whiskies at its price point, it is not blended. I found that interesting.

  18. Chen, when the comments section degenerates into “You complete me.” it’s time to start a new thread, preferably about something other than booze.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss Tex. He at least would have found some way to take this booze thread and turn into an indictment against liberals. 🙂

  19. Dag … typed too fast. That should have said “turn it into an indictment against liberals.”

  20. Chen, its time to relinquish the Chamber. It’s bigger then you. Give the keys to Dead Rabbit. Dead Rabbit is willing to roll up his sleeves, to throw himself out there and perish, if need be, on the intellectual battlefield. Lets face it Chen, your tired. Outside the falsehood that is the vacuum of a campaign, you don’t know where the hell the wind blows. Give the Chamber to Dead Rabbit for one year and I will double the hits, double the ratings. I’m truly politically all over the map, not an election stool pigeon or some ditto-head. Give me the chamber Chen, its the right thing to do.

  21. rabbit-

    I’m not going to “give up” the Chamber, but I’ve always entertained the idea of having guest bloggers here. Heck, there are a half dozen or so people that have posting privileges here, but no has seen them in over a year.

    Just sign up for wordpress.com and I’ll let you have some fun if you want.

  22. Now Chen, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but things have gotten so bad that Dead Rabbit has resorted to visiting my blog. Now I’m happy to have him there as he offers a much needed challenge to my views and his presence will keep me on my toes but putting my ego aside, I know this is an act of desperation on his part as he is starved from content here in the Chamber. And as I said before, in the days of Tex even the most innocuous of your posts would get challenged in one way or another.

    Bottom line General, we limp wristed liberals need you back in form, particularly when we have Nancy Pelosi making it hard for us to keep our heads high!

  23. Oh Rutherford, I didn’t know you cared so! That sent a tingle down my leg. And Chen didn’t say a word in return, so I now know which side my bread is buttered. Rutherford has now become my favorite lib, and I must cast off my former friend General Chen as hater of Tex.

    I did a little math today concerning Honest Obe’s ‘stimulus package’. The way I see it, every American should ask themselves the Tex Taylor question. I always believed in the concept of keeping it simple. Here’s how it goes, and I can’t believe the General hasn’t posted a new thread on the Obe stimulus plan. He used to live for such things when George Bush was in charge.


    According to the CBO, the very entity the libs love to use as a fair source, they estimate that the ‘stimulus’ package will create between 2.8 – 8.2MM jobs over the next coming years. How they account for this crock of s*** I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter for the moment.

    Now the stimulus package as I write is up to around $900B, and not forgetting to add in the accrued interest of $350B of Monopoly Money printed, that drives the total package of ‘stimulus’ to approximately $1.25 Trillion with a ‘T’.

    Now, splitting the difference between what the CBO says the ‘stimulus’ will create in the way of jobs, and dividing the total cost of the ‘stimulus’ by the number of jobs created, I derive the following:

    $1,250,000,000,000 / 5,500,000 ≈ $227,000 per job created

    Ask yourself the following question:

    Do you believe in your heart of hearts that each job created will add approximately $227,000 of value to our aggregate U.S. GDP?

    And of course unless you’re completely deluded the answer is, “well hell no.”

    I just had to stop by and demonstrate the fickle finger of reality to all my progressive friends who thought Honest Obe had all the answers; and to wish them good luck in their four years of remaining in political power while still looking for work.



    P.S. to my new and best friend Rutherford. I noticed Nancy Pelosi stated that we are losing 500,000,000 jobs every week that the stimulus plan goes unapproved. I figure in about 3 months, the whole world will be unemployed! 😉

  24. Tex, a few days away from the Chamber is good for your sense of humor. “Honest Obe” gave me a big chuckle!

    If you’re trying to bait me with Nancy Pelosi, you can put it back in your tackle box. I find Pelosi divisive and not what we need right now. I’m also not thrilled with what I’ve heard about the stimulus package. I’m planning a post on it, but Dick Cheney being an ass took priority tonight.

  25. OK Tex, here’s your post on the stimulus package. Enjoy.

  26. Did you know that when you convert that money into dimes and stand on top you could almost see over the pile of unsubstantional poop right next to it.

    Keep running, go faster there are no walls and also no cliffs, run faster!

  27. Chennnnnnn!?!?

  28. chen is so 2008. anyone who is anybody is at Rutherford’s.

  29. Chen, it’s been a good two weeks since your last post and as the leader of the WPPBA, it’s slightly unbecoming to have your last post about booze be the one that sits out there for an eternity. Assuming you are not in some life-crisis, get back in the saddle man! If you think Obama is in good shape right now, let’s hear why. If you don’t, let’s hear that too. (If you take a minute to visit my neighborhood, you’ll see I’m somewhat in the middle on this one.)

    If you are going through some life crisis, please accept my sincere hope that you emerge unscathed. Give us a quick shout out on what you’re doing.

  30. yea I’m sorry gang. I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately. Also, I’ve started up a page on facebook, with the hopes of doing a little networking.

    Also, in full disclosure, my girlfriend has moved back in with me, and its hard at times to find the time around here.


    chen is so 2008. anyone who is anybody is at Rutherford’s.

    It does make me proud to have played a role in bringing other bloggers together, and my plan going in with the Alliance was to create something that was greater than the sum of its parts. I still get requests to join, and I facilitate it when appropriate, but if guys like rabbit or Tex or whoever want to roam around a bit, that’s fine by me. In fact, it was kind of the intent all along.

  31. Glad you’ve surfaced Chen and I should say now what I should have said earlier:

    I do owe Chen a debt of gratitude in that membership in the WPPBA substantially increased my readership (although admittedly it still pales in comparison with Chen’s). So thank you Chen for a good idea and the exposure it helped me get.

  32. Howboutcheeee!!! I’m a Ten High convert from way back! I can’t believe I finally found someone supporting this fabulous booze.

    You know, Jack Daniels is good, but I’ll be damn if it’s worth the price. When I’m doing my show, the only whiskey I drink is Ten High. I can find the big bottles here in Indiana for about $13…AND I am now holding in my hand a 750ml GLASS bottle of Ten High Kentucky Straight Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey. Is that class, or what?

    Nothing goes down as smooth as the Ten High. No bite, no bitters, nothing but pure sour mash drunkeness.

    You can catch me Sunday nights at 10pm eastern on BlogTalkRadio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ol_rooter

  33. yeah there are lot of cheap stuffs that you can buy on e-bay these days including those made in china stuffs _

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