March 13, 2009

Sorry about the lack of activity here lately.  But like it reads in the sidebar, I do spend a lot of time perusing other sites.

I do, however, have one announcement, in that the Chamber now has nested comments (in other words, you can “reply” to another commenter, resulting in an indented comment directly below theirs). 

I thought it would be kind of a cool addition for when I become inspired to post something meaningful again….eventually.



  1. Vеll, nоt perfect роst, but I likеd it аnd that is the main thing. 😉
    I am Voli Dublino

  2. He’s Alive!!!

  3. I think it will be interesting to see how many readers avail themselves of the nesting. I have enabled it on my blog also but I’m not entirely sure it will catch on. Time will tell.

  4. Another kewl ChenZhen feature! Glad to see you’re “alive” as solar1 above so enthusiastically proclaimed!

  5. Another kewl ChenZhen feature!
    While I consider Chen a “blogging brother” and owe him considerably for my own traffic, I do feel compelled to point out that this is not a “ChenZhen feature”. It is a feature made available across the WordPress platform that requires no programming whatsoever on the part of individual bloggers. We can choose to enable it or not, with a checkmark in our configuration page. A total of five seconds of work.

    Let’s give Chen credit for interesting blog items that inspire debate. When it comes to this latest technical upgrade, let’s give credit where credit is due.

  6. ChenZhen, I have not been blogging of late either myself. Think I just got burned out after the long Presidential campaign. I hope to get the blogging bug again since our busy new President is certainly worthy of posting about on his good and not so good actions so far.

    I have been starting to get back to commenting and debating on other blogs and also began messing around with mico-blogging on Twitter but not so sure hot about that whole thing.


    I see you have a Twitter account and am now following you but looks like you never got into it. I think Facebook is intergating more and better mico-blogging features and with thier much bigger base of users it looks like Twitter’s days may be numbered.

    My blog may never see a lot of future posts since been thinking about buying a video camera. Doing podcasts, some video journalism, and producing short documentaries are things I like to get into some day.

    The nested comments was a much long overdue update for WordPress.

    • MJ, I am quite the Twitter convert at this point. Quite frankly I haven’t taken to Facebook quite as well. I find it terribly cluttered although I know it’s an important social media tool so I still use it.

      Twitter on the other hand can be terribly effective especially if you use the right tools. “Virgin Twitter” leaves a bit to be desired but install Tweetdeck and you are in an entirely different ballgame.

      I’ll follow you MJ and Chen I assume you are chenzhen on twitter? I’ll follow you also. Feel free to follow my tweets at:


      P.S. I must confess that I spend the great majority of my twitter time on my other account devoted to my profession (which unfortunately is not blogging). 🙂

      • Rutherford, I am now following you on Twitter. I admit probably don’t know enough of the ins and outs of Twitter and the shorthand stuff used to effective tweet right now. I will check out Tweetdeck…

      • The next thing WordPress needs to role out is the ability to edit a comment for a short period after postings.

        …to EFFECTIVELY tweet right now.

  7. Still no smilies. :rollingeyes:

    Or cheesy poofs 😦

  8. Still no smilies. 🙄

    Or cheesy poofs 😦

  9. It’s been almost a month since your last post. Is there life out there? At least pop over to my blog and share a thought or two. A blogging mind is a terrible thing to waste. 😦

  10. Is he Alive? :confused:

    • Yea I’m still here. I haven’t had much inspiration as of late. Add to that the extra hours I’m putting in on the job and the fact that the girlfriend isn’t a fan of me sitting on the laptop blogging for hours on end, and the Chamber becomes a ghost town.

      I’m really sorry gang. ♪

      • If you still can’t find anything to blog about, go to a blog that you completely disagree with (I go to Rutherford’s), and read a post or two. THat should at least give a little inspiration.

  11. I guess that wasn’t a smiley.

  12. I haven’t had much inspiration as of late

    Everything you said made sense to me except for that one sentence. The economy in the toilet, two wars going on and details of a former criminal administration that threatens to divide the country in two, and you can’t find inspiration to blog? I understand the overtime at work. But your girlfriend should practically have to tie you down to keep you from blogging. Have you lost interest in politics or were you really only interested in the election in the first place?

    Anyway, I was actually thinking of you this morning and was going to write you personally just to make sure you were ok. I’m glad to hear you’re not ill or broke or jobless. Just a shame not to have your voice in the debates of the day.

    Best of luck! When you do decide to blog again, I’ll be here.

  13. I agree, with the inspiration line. The economy, wars and torture was something most of us covered during the campaign at length. Besides a few added characters to scene I’d imagine we’d be repeating the same things we’ve said in previous blog posts. Right now it’s all about torture, not a subject I’m interested in. All I know is that I think its wrong yet at the same time closing gitmo makes no sense if we have no place to put these people.
    I plan on blogging more during the summer, and I hope that is what happens with the rest of the wordpress political blog, um, that includes this guy name chenzhen…if that is your real name 😛

  14. For your consideration:

    Little Green Flatballs: What Fritz Katz Said to Piss-Off the King of All Lizards and How He Got His Gamey Buttocks Banned Off the Little Green Footballs Blog …


  15. HAHA! I came here to escape LGF talk, and well, there it is! Howdy regardless Chen. Long time no talk. I’ve missed you.

  16. If you still can’t find anything to blog about, go to a blog that you completely disagree with (I go to Rutherford’s), and read a post or two. THat should at least give a little inspiration.

    LOL to Solar for damning me by faint praise. At least I’m inspiring someone 😉

    Chen, you’re clearly not blogging but I hope you are at least keeping up with the administration of the WPPBA. If not, let me know if you want to transfer it to someone else. I’d hate for leadership of the WPPBA to fall into conservative hands! 🙂

    P.S. Hope you’re well and the slate of dealership closings we’ve seen in the news has not effected you.

  17. Are you on anymore, Chen?

  18. Well, looks like Chen has abandoned us. Wouldn’t it be fun if we voted for who would be the “vice president” of WPPBA until Chen comes back.

  19. Well Sensico as you see earlier in the thread, I broached the topic of moving the WPPBA into other hands but Chen didn’t bite. Sadly, I’m not even sure he is regularly checking his comments anymore.

    I agree that an election would be fun (if for no other reason than to see how many people really give a damn). But even if we were to “elect” a VP, I’m not sure I’d feel right having any of us wrestle control of WPPBA from Chen without his consent and complete cooperation.

    Chen, dude, if you’re out there, what are your thoughts?

  20. Has anyone e-mailed him lately?

  21. well the VP would only be temporary until Chen gets back. btw I’m also curious how many people in WPPBA would even care for such an election.
    I haven’t tried to e-mail him.

  22. I shot him a quick note earlier today via his “contact me” box, which is tantamount to e-mailing him. But let’s not forget, WordPress sends all comments to the blogger’s email address anyway so he should be noticing the comments here. (I don’t remember if notification of comments can be turned off … maybe it can and maybe he has.) In any case, even if he’s turned off comment notification, the “contact me” page will still deliver to his e-mail address.

    Let’s hope we hear from him soon, and more importantly, let’s hope he’s not going through any major crisis.

  23. Hey thanks for your concern gang; I’ve been guest blogging at another site for the past few weeks. These days, I’ve been focusing on blog wars and inter-blogitary (?) drama a lot more than the political stuff.

    Anyway, I’m not really sure what you guys are talking about. Aside from adding/deleting bloggers to the pingback code (which hardly anyone uses, and isn’t really required for the alliance to exist), I’m not really “in control” of anything.

    This thing now runs on autopilot. The tag is where the action is, and anyone is free to use it. The original WPPBA thread and sidebar button are still in place, and it explains everything to anyone who happens to visit.

    What am I missing? Other than the aforementioned ping code and maybe the email list, I’m not sure why a “VP” is needed.

    • I’m not sure why a VP is needed also but it would have been interesting to have one. Hm…fail to post a link to said new site you’re blogging on?! Is it a secret(?) I’d like to know about blog wars and drama.

  24. IMHO, тема довольно сложная для новичка 🙂

  25. There’s something about Zombie…

    Click on my blog.

  26. Chen,

    You got your ass kicked Tuesday night. Consider it payback. I feel your pain. 😉

    Hope all is well.

    • Hi Tex!

      Yea I’m fine. Lately ‘been battling over at Diary of Daedalus. You should stop by. It’s fun. 🙂

      • Rutherford told me the good news.

        You’re still alive! 😈

        I will do. If there’s anything more entertaining that smacking the Rutherford ass, it’s insulting Chuck “Bloat” Johnson.

        Glad to hear you’re doing well.

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