Introducing: WPPBA Chat!

June 8, 2009

I’m going to take the opportunity to apologize to the members of the WPPBA for my recent absence.  I’ve been focused on other sites as of late, and have been spending a lot of my time online as a guest blogger elsewhere.

So, in an effort to make up for my desertion, I’m pleased to announce that I have received the rights to (well, permission, actually*) a WPPBA chatroom!


Go ahead and add the link to your sidebars, come on in, and make yourself at home.  But do play nice.

*The chatroom (code name: Table 9) is operated by my netizen pal Roses, who has graciously offered to expand the room to the WPPBA.  It operates 24/7, and has all the normal Java features.  Currently, the room is quite popular with netizens from other sites I frequent (or used to frequent; namely, LGF).  There are a dozen or so political blogs from outside the WPPBA that link there, so when you come in you may want to introduce yourself and all that.


WordPress.com Political Blogger Alliance



  1. Very cool, I’ll be sure to stop by!

  2. The link doesn’t work for me. But, I have little time to chat since I’m all on the twitter and everything. At least you wrote a new post.

  3. Hey Sensico, what’s your Twitter handle? I’m at http://twitter.com/rutherfordl

  4. I was wondering what happened to you!

    Glad to hear you’ve just been busy, and not abducted by aliens or something.

  5. Not working for me either Chen.

  6. Marc & sensico-

    I clicked the link, and it works just fine for me. I takes a few seconds to load, and then you’re asked to type a screen name.

    so, I wonder if the problem is with the fact that you may need some updated version of Java or something?

  7. Link worked fine for me. Marc … Chen is right you’ve gotta wait for Java to load and do its stuff. If it doesn’t work in Firefox, try IE or vice versa.

  8. I’m a google chrome user, which for the most part has been sympatico; but i have had some problems.

  9. yep, it was the ol’ java, it works now! Though, I’m pretty shy so I don’t know about meeting new people and all lol.

  10. Watasino nihon jin deshuka!! good articles…

  11. Chen, in case you missed it, our old “friends” at Gods Chosen People, er, I mean “Gulf Coast Pundit,” were unceremoniously shut down by their webmaster because they celebrated a bit too vociferously over the murder of Dr. Tiller in Wichita. The new site, entitled “Grouchy Conservative Pundits,” is being run by none other than “Rayra.”

  12. Thanks, Chen, and welcome to friends of Chen – definitely introduce yourselves a friends of Chen – most of the peeps at Table 9 are ex-LGFers.

  13. Nodrog – I hope to see ya some day in the chatroom.

  14. I’m a google chrome user too. google chrome is very usefull for me.

  15. I will try to apply at myself.
    I’m a google chrome user too.

  16. And, Merry Christmas!

  17. General,

    I noticed many of you leftist wimps bailed on Bomba early last year about the time this hack’s miserable existence as President became an obvious abject failure. The only one happy with the Bomba result now is Jimmy Carter, who will now be known as the second worst U.S. President in history. It remains to be seen if Bomba can also surpass Carter as the worst ex-President. Barry will have to work on his Jew hating to get there.

    When you going to get your sorry ass back in the game to take a much deserved beat down for your propaganda supporting President Hope & Change?

  18. LOL … even I must agree with Tex on part of his last comment. C’mon dude …. get back in the game. Hell, I can’t even find your “guest” posts on other blogs.

    If you’re not gonna author anything original at least join the party at my place and help me kick some conservative ass! 🙂

  19. Chenzhen

    xxxx xxxxx
    xxxxx xxxxx, MN

    Employed by
    xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
    Emp# xxxx

  20. If this is considered an attempt to “out” Chen, it’s pretty lame. The info is easily found with a good use of Google.

    Admittedly Chen, I never pictured you a “Bret” but what the hell. A Chen by any other name is just as liberal. 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun still fighting your LGF wars. Wish you’d stop by now and then. There’s fun to be had at the old RL Blog.

    Have a good holiday dude.

    • Thanks rutherford. Glad you guys are still around.

      Yes, I’ve got the LGFers going bonkers.

  21. Damn, Chen and I have practically the same first name. I just knew with him so far left and me so far right, we would come full circle and meet. 😈

    Chen, that last stunt at LGF amazed even me. I chuckled for 30 minutes last night at lard ass’s expense.

    How did you ever dream that up? The subject material was classic.

  22. Speaking of Ultimate Electronics to save me a trip, what’s the best TV going Chen on sale at U.E. for around $700.00?

    If you see this soon, leave me a message. I was headed that way tomorrow.

  23. WTF? Tex, what happened to your 82 inch mofo that you nearly herniated yourself setting up within the past year? You’re not guilty of conspicuous consumption are you? 😉

    BTW, if I remember my Google search correctly, Chen did the Ultimate Electronics gig way back in 2004. I thought he more recently was a car dealer.

  24. WTF? Tex, what happened to your 82 inch mofo that you nearly herniated yourself setting up within the past year? You’re not guilty of conspicuous consumption are you?

    82″? 😆 More like 50″. This one is for my father…

  25. I thought you’d enjoy my hyperbole. You’re a good son. I hope my daughter buys me a TV one day.

    Oh, and thanks for restoring Jimmy Obama. I know secretly you live to please me. 😉

  26. Yea some of the LGFer were hyperventilating so heavily that they were ready to send lenghty letters to my old employer. LOL

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