Blog Pimp


Used to identify what ChenZhen considers to be an example of “blog pimping”.  Blog pimping is a tactic used by bloggers, characterized by leaving comments on other blogs with no other intention than to publicize (and link back to) their own site.  For a good example and explanation of blog pimping, see my post: To Catch A Blog Pimp

Comments that contain links back to a blog that are relevant to the discussion are generally not considered blog pimping, as this is typically an effective way to expand on an idea or argument while giving credit to the author. 



  1. …try tzopilotl wordpress for the real etymology
    of wharf dwarf, and learn something for a change,
    that you didn’t already know, yeah, yeah, i´m wise
    to the fact you’ve learned what we already know and
    gotten an A and a smile from the teacher, who can’t wait to teach the same thing again to the next generation of boobsoisie because their attention
    span will be even shorter. tzopilotl wordpress, or
    if you’re really brave, tletl blogspot. thank you,
    chen zen/ce(N), would you hand me my hat?

  2. […] Don’t be a blog pimp […]

  3. I was amused by the little note of mine you posted.

    You guys are just too rich.

    I love how you twerps are trying to pretend you “left LGF voluntarily.”

    You were banned, booted and flushed like little pungent bricks down the internet commode.

    You were expelled for being hateful, ignorant, racist, useless freaks who are so fucking stupid that you think that Palin and Beck are “like smart n’ stuff.” Do get that straight. Even now, silly incompetent man pussies like you can’t face the simple fact that other people saw through your endless bullshit, crudeness, incivility, revenge fantasies, hand wringing, anti-science, fear mongering stupidity and victim complexes.

    Why were you ignorant hicks booted again? Because you are repulsive to educated people. When you get beaten you whine about it too. Of course, losers like you have been whining for a long, long time now haven’t you?

    Please tell us how you aren’t racist when you run day after day, crude videos of the most out there black people you can find and then squawk as if those represent all black people? Tell us again how you are certain that great big new black panthers are going to make America socialist and force you to have health care against your will (and kill your granny while laughing at your flabby, useless, white asses)!

    You are all so very deluded about how manly you are. You are led by a drunk pathological liar who preaches genocide and believes that women don’t want him because *they* are stuck up and an unemployable, semi-literate, truck driver who routinely writes about ass raping women to make them shut up and has a history of abusing them. That is truly a paradigm for virtue!

    And really boys, can’t you just write as who you are? Do any of you think anyone is fooled when you write under different accounts? As if your particular fetishes and writing patterns don’t give you away? Just pretending that more people dig your moronic rants by faking it like that is a true sign of low “loserdom.” How do full on retards like you even know how to hook up computers?

    You do realize that we laugh at you – a lot. You aren’t scary. We hated most of you even before you were booted. We would forget about you if you went away, but you snotty freaks are so pathetic that you think you are fighting a web war. Don’t you realize that when you were pointed out to be loser morons the first time on LGF and booted, you already lost? You could get lives perhaps.

    Well perhaps not. All of your attempts at that obviously failed. Ok, ok, you could at least do something productive on the web like learn what you are talking about before parroting talking points and whining about how scared you are all the time. Please tell us how the “South will rise again” yet again and talk about how you are going to do manly battle with Nazis while you actually align with Nazis from the EDL (your allies) and worship Serbian war criminals. There are after all, many reasons why you all do live in perpetual fear.

    That much pointing to your cowardice and stupidity should make you about ready for a threat display.

    Are you guys about ready to whine about how tough you would be and how “no one would say that” to your flabby faces in person because you would do some terribly violent thing or another?


    No seriously please. Few things are more humorous than the impotent rage of an aging, useless, ignorant, teabag. Tell us how you will knock our teeth in or some such. In reality, just lifting your arms would make half of you pathetic derelicts get winded.

    I know I know, who is the stalker… All I have is ad-hominem blah, blah, blah.

    Stuff it manginas.

    Admit it. You are thrilled just to be noticed by the cool kids.

  4. …liz, liz, calm down, you’re too high up on the wall and getting drunk on sunlight. time to seek
    the shade under your rock and cool down. we’re all
    in this together, for a new social order(back of the great seal usa), now for a new global order,
    nothing wrong with that. don’t knock intelligence,
    your share of it will come around on the carousel
    eventually. in the meantime keep reading, don’t be
    exclusive, keep what’s left of your mind open,
    a brand new day is dawning. with global order
    will come language order, all language will be
    gathered under its parent: nauatl,
    past history will be revealed to help us forward
    into the future, e.g., the japanese olmecs were
    once the lords of mexico, 2k bc. have patience,
    being negative doesn’t work, and getting bounced
    on the trampoline of the net don’t mean a thing.
    chin up and stop spittling.

  5. W T F is WRONG with these people?

    I’m old enough to know an awful lot of things, among them this: If you call yourself a cool kid, you are not a cool kid. Though you may indeed be a kid, you will never be cool.

  6. …this is old news. the new news is the olmec
    lords of mexico were japanese, 1.5-2k bc. they
    repulsed the 2d coming of quetzalcoatl/cipactli
    at the foot of popo/white lady. forcing the mayan
    to go to yucahtla(N)=desert=yucatan. how do i know?
    because, seppuku/hari kari was originally a vegetable suicide, taking out the belly-button
    of the maguey from the first goddess of wisdom,
    the magnificent metis, mother of the spear=mitl(N),
    atena=atentli(N)=by the lip=mi(n)e(r)va(roman)=
    mi-tl/n-e(r)ua(letra)=the spear leaves.
    athena is a bitch and so are her devotees, QED,
    with metis, the rope goddess, one gets honey water=
    nequatl/necuhtli(N)=nectar, and poliuhqui(N)=
    pulque. uipilli(N)=ui(m)pil(letra)=wimple.

  7. …in the book of souls lizards are known for their
    bounce, in fact, taletic(N)=little lizard becomes
    daleth(phoenician/hebrew)=D, in the english abcd.
    i’m grading you, liz, on your humanity, not your bounce. how did you get so concrete, was it the results they asked of you, the winning mentality?
    because if it’s that we’re all losers, and nobody’s
    tough, cream puff, we’re all flame and fire, we burn, that’s all, the rest is ashes, they’re cool.
    meanwhile, stop dancing with the ghost you’d like to be, waltzing all the way to fantasy tennesse,
    actually the south did finally win the civil war,
    not bad for hicks, gallant elitism gallops the land,
    losers find a way of winning then begin losing again, that silver dollar keeps turning in the
    clear air of liberty tossed by an umpire like you,
    but the rest of us will keep on playing the game
    while you blow your penny whistle.

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