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“Controversial” Campaign Ads- Free Bang For The Buck

July 30, 2008

Lately I’ve gotten the impression -and maybe this is just me- that the McCain camp’s ads are getting a lot more attention than Obama’s lately.  There’s more and more talk that McCain is taking the “low road“, but I’m beginning to wonder if this should really be considered the smart road.  After all, as NewsBusters noticed, the latest McCain ad appeared to get a ton of air time on the blogs and CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. in the last 24 hrs., because someone decided that the ads themselves, along the accompanying reaction, was deemed newsworthy.  As I read, I couldn’t help but think that McCain’s team had gotten a lot more exposure for their spots with all that than it actually paid for through regular time slots. 

As it turns out, I’m not the only one to come to this conclusion, as memeorandum also has this up from the NYT: With Commercial, McCain Gets Much More Than His Money’s Worth

WASHINGTON — The number of times Senator John McCain’s new advertisement attacking Senator Barack Obama for canceling a visit with wounded troops in Germany last week has been shown fully or partly on local, national and cable newscasts: well into the hundreds.

The number of times that spot actually, truly ran as a paid commercial: roughly a dozen.

One has to wonder -or possibly even assume- that the media may be the unwitting participant in an a clever strategy.  A plan that centers around churning out campaign ads that create a buzz not as a mistake made by a marketing team that is out of touch with what might cross lines, but as a critical part of the design.  With such a concept, I suppose the balancing act involves crafting the ads in such a way that they don’t turn too many people off, while simultaneously creating the appropriate stir that results in all the free air time.  Another possible danger would be that, once it gets to a certain point, there will be considerable debate between the camps and pundits alike over whether the whole fracas can be taken up with the FCC.   After all, the networks were so worried about the “equal time” provisions that NBC actually considered make-up time for other GOP candidates to compensate for Fred Thompson’s appearance in Law and Order reruns.  That dynamic would expose the transparency of the tactic to a wider audience than a single NYT post (and certainly this blog), and could work against McCain…assuming the Katie Couric’s out there can refrain from replaying the ads in question hundreds of times in the process. Political Blogger Alliance


Did Someone Hack The Fred! Site?

March 11, 2008

I’m not sure there’s any other explanation, other than perhaps Fred! has a strange sense of humor.

Google search Fred Thompson, and you see this:


Click on the link, and you see this:


So, knowing full well that Fred! withdrew from the GOP race back in January, I thought I’d look something else up, just to make sure that I hadn’t gone crazy:



OK.  Still sane. 

(h/t Wonkette)


Goodbye Rudy, Tuesday

January 29, 2008

Well, the Florida results are in, and Rudy’s out

The question that is undoubtedly on many people’s minds:  What the heck happened to Giuliani?  I think we’ve just witnessed a campaign roll off a hill, and I’m not quite sure what caused it.  According to most polls, Rudy was the frontrunner for most of 2007, and as late as early December still had double-digit leads over most of the other candidates, including John McCain. 

1/15-17/08 12/3-5/07 11/5-7/07
% % %  
John McCain




Mike Huckabee




Mitt Romney




Rudy Giuliani




Fred Thompson




Ron Paul




Other (vol.)




None (vol.)








Newt Gingrich




Sam Brownback




Was it “World Wavered, History Hesitated“, or did people simply forget about 9/11?  ‘Cause he was there on 9/11.


He was there, and he didn’t waver, remember?

Oh  what the heck, one more time… for Rudy…

9/11. Political Blogger Alliance


How Tall Is Fred Thompson?

July 26, 2007

If you see enough pictures of Fred standing next to people, it doesn’t take too long to notice that he’s always the tallest one in the group.  But how tall is he?


I did some searching, and according to Blogs For Fred Thompson, the former Senator stands 6’5″, and if elected president he would be the tallest in our nation’s history.  Does it mean anything, though?  Probably not, outside of having to raise the shower head in the White House bathroom.

Exit question:  Can he dunk?


Fred Thompson Movie Quote Of The Week

July 22, 2007

“Stack ’em, pack ’em, and rack ’em.  Move!”

I just put this on here because it sounds so slick, so authoritative, so…presidential.  Ya know, something George Bush might say!

Anyway, your blog gets a link if you can guess the movie.  If you don’t have a blog, well, you get some pride points.

Update:  Damn, I thought this would have been harder, but John got it: Die Hard 2


Here’s A Headline You Don’t See Everyday

July 17, 2007

Ya know, for a guy who isn’t running (wink wink), Fred Thompson has been in the news quite a bit lately:  Contemplating a Run for Office Can Complicate Television Reruns

Hoping to avoid violating a Federal Communications Commission provision that would force the network to provide equal time to other candidates running for president, NBC chief lobbyist Robert Okun has reached out to the GOP presidential campaigns of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, among others, to inquire whether they would make a major issue out of Thompson being featured in reruns this summer.

Under the equal-time rule, if a network gives time to one political candidate, it is required to provide the same amount of airtime to his or her opponents. In other words, if Thompson appeared on a “Law & Order” episode for 10 minutes during prime time, NBC would have to give Thompson’s rivals for the Republican nomination 10 minutes of prime time each.

If Thompson waits until fall to announce, however, he’ll essentially have NBC putting his Arthur Branch persona on prime-time TV for free (or, better yet, residuals?).  Considering that Republicans aren’t really liking any of the current GOP front runners right now, I think Thompson is safe to wait it out a bit.


Yee-Haw! Hannity Kicks Off His Freedom Concerts In Atlanta

July 10, 2007

I had the opportunity to listen to Sean Hannity’s show today* as he broadcasts live from Atlanta ahead of the big show tonight.  Here’s the info:


Atlanta, Georgia on July 10, 2007
The Arena at Gwinnett Center
Doors Open: 5:30 pm
Concert Begins: 7:00 pm

Join Sean Hannity, WSB Radio and
LtCol Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) on July 10, 2007 at The Arena at Gwinnett Center for the one of the 2007 Hannity Freedom Concerts.

Headlining this year’s star-studded Atlanta concert will be one of America’s hottest country sensations, Montgomery Gentry as well as America’s country music legend, Lee Greenwood.

The Hannity Freedom Concerts benefit the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund for the children of America’s Military Heroes who have been killed or permanently disabled (100% VA Rating) in the line of duty.

As usual, Hannity spent a good portion of his show today bashing Democrats in Washington (and liberals in general) for wanting to “cut and run” from Iraq and not wanting to “stay on the offensive” in the war on terror.   I can see why he’s so vocal about this, since bringing the troops home kinda negates the need for the charity that these concerts are benefiting.  The way I see it, at this point, “staying on the offensive” appears to be little more than insisting that the troops drive around in Humvees waiting to get blasted by an IED, at least as far as Iraq is concerned.  On the other hand, it would appear to be a worthy cause.  There are plenty of troops who have been killed or permanently disabled already.

As for the musical juggernauts (sorry, “star-studded”) on the ticket….well… maybe I’m not a country fan.  I’d never heard of these guys before.  Maybe Hannity could have gotten some more popular acts to participate, maybe not.  Perhaps there simply aren’t that many out there that would get his stamp of approval.  As I eluded to a little while ago, the number of “Great Americans” seems to be dwindling.  One thing worth mentioning, I suppose, is the fact that Troy Gentry pleaded guilty last year for killing “Cubby” the bear right here in Minnesota.  Nothing says “Great American” like buying a bear, shooting it, then pretending that you’re some sort of master of the wild.  Dick Cheney would be proud.

*Hannity spent some time interviewing Fred Thompson, where Sean managed to get him about as close to saying that he’s running without actually saying it as one can get.  He said his mind is made up, then said he didn’t want to sound “coy” (gimme a break).  Hot Air has the audio.