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Are You Smarter Than A Lizardoid?

December 8, 2008

As a nice follow-up to my Thanksgiving Day post, LGF Gets Punked, I thought it’d be fun to play a little game.  For this contest, I’m going to post a question, and the first commenter to answer correctly is going to win a fabulous prize. First though, a little background…

In our first episode, I had gotten the Lizardoid’s undies in a bunch by rogering up the LGF Dictionary blog with a couple of cute little items, like a my own YouTube video, a short LGF bio on myself, and a vandalized header. Oh, and I also moved the dictionary itself over to the Chamber (I did give it back, just for the record).  Anyway, after a bit of drama in the Thanksgiving thread over on the main site, the blog key holder Zombie arrived to calm the horde, and blithely posted the following:

I heard a rumor the LGF Dictionary had been hacked, so I just went in 5 minutes ago and unhacked it.

if it gets hacked again, I’ll probably just take it offline.

Too many people knew the password, so it was floating around a little loose.

(Password changed, needless to say.)

At the moment, the dictionary itself is no longer there (just the blog); I may re-upload it, may not.

Wait and see what happens.

The fact that a blog has no “password” and that it wasn’t “hacked” notwithstanding, Zombie did manage to remove my mess (something that really took only a couple of clicks, no doubt), and the dictionary itself is now posted at LGF proper (why it wasn’t there all along, I’m not sure).  

But “wait and see” we did, and when you go to the blog now you can check out my little encore:


I’m going to take the liberty of utilizing the LGF Dictionary one last time and say….


But the question to my contestant field of LGFers past and present is a simple one:

How the heck did I do it?


Update: It took a few days, but the LGFers finally got word:


Ah yes, that’s the question.  But again, no “hack”.  Please, let’s review the facts:

1) On Thanksgiving, I was granted admin privileges to LGF-D by one of the handful of other admins on that blog

2) Once I was in, I performed a few actions, including booting the other admins (save Zombie), replacing the header, posting a new thread (”The Legend Of ChenZhen”), pasting my “you’ve been punked” youtube video in place of the dictionary page (and moving the dictionary text to my own, password-protected page), and grabbing a few screenshots along the way.  (nothing that couldn’t have been put back to normal without too much trouble)

3) I post the “LGF Gets Punked” thread here in the Chamber, displaying the screenshots and providing a forum for discussion

4) after sitting that way for a few hours, Zombie was eventually alerted, quickly moved in to erase all those things, booted me as the last remaining admin (leaving only herself), and posted her aforementioned comment on LGF

5) a few days ago, my encore appeared at LGF-D (and only remains posted because, presumably, Zombie hasn’t been alerted to it yet)

And with that, I give everyone a big…fat…HINT.  (Since no one had noticed, and the post is likely to be gone soon)

Update:  The blog is gone, as Zombie promised.  Time to reveal the answer.  Not too complicated…

Since I knew that it would be easy for Zombie to fix all those things I listed in #2 above, and that I’d be promptly blocked, I thought it might be fun to “schedule” an encore as long as I was in there.   For blogs, the scheduling part is easy to do from the post editor:

Scheduling a Post (Timestamp)

Scheduling a Post (Timestamp)

The problem was, any new thread that I penned would have shown up at the top of the list in the dashboard, (even if it hadn’t been published yet), meaning that it probably would have been caught when she was deleting the other stuff.   What I needed was something that would have been buried a little to avoid detection. 

Now, what many bloggers might not realize is that you can use the above interface to reschedule a post that has already been published.  So, all I did was look for an older post that I could use to drop in my video and set a new date.  And as luck would have it, Zombie unwittingly gave me a little gift over a year ago, ’cause I found a thread aptly titled “I’m Ba-a-a-a-a-ack”.   Destiny?  I dunno.   But I figured the chances of catching that were slim to none, and even the fact that I was subsequently blocked wouldn’t stop the post from appearing at the specified date and time.

In other words, what you saw here was a brave nomadic warrior’s voice from the blogospheric grave coming back to issue another punking, and certainly NOT another “hack”.


LGF Gets Punked

November 27, 2008

As a former member who was unceremoniously shown the door, there was quite a temptation to go with the nuclear option once I discovered that I had access to LGF’s precious dictionary.  But alas, I couldn’t bring myself to do something quite that assholish, so I decided to have some mercy and go for a simple prank instead. 

And since the enigmatic Zombie holds the primary key to the site, I know that my handiwork will only remain posted for so long.  So, I figure that I should probably document everything with a few screengrabs, just for chuckles:


click to watch vid

click to view text

click to view text

Banning netizens has a way of coming back and biting one in the ass, eh? 

So, I left the blog standing, but is anyone wondering where the dictionary itself went?  To the nervous lizardoid horde, I say not to worry, ’cause I kept it fully intact….here.

Update:  There are LGFers claiming that I “hacked” the dictionary.  Since I predicted that this might happen, I decided to snip another ‘grab while I was in there (email addys redacted):

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

See, I was a user with administrator status.  And anyone who knows anything about how a blog works can tell you that someone doesn’t become an administrator unless they’re invited

No hacking. Not my thing. Just thought I’d clear that up.

Update: Well, I thought perhaps CJ would let pride get in the way of saying anything about it, but here it is:

ChenZhen proved why he was banned in the first place, and showed the world that he’s a true creep who should never be trusted with anything.

“True Creep”?  C’mon Charles!  That hurts. 

Fair enough though, ’cause everyone is entitled to their opinion.   But speaking of opinions and “showing the world”, I couldn’t help but notice that 54% of CJ’s peers thought he’s worthy of the “Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat Award“.  This is an honor that, from a certain point of view, was “proved” to be deserved based on the fact that even the “trusted” guardians of the LGF Dictionary have turned on him, looked to a seasoned master of the fine art of the flame war, and allowed this punking to transpire.



August 29, 2008

I was perusing the political web in search of reactions to McCain’s VP pick (which I’ll post about later), and I stumbled upon one of those elusive open registration periods over at LGF:

Do I return to banished territory as some creatively named sockpuppet? 


I’ll go ahead and stroll right past special ed this time around.


Flame Warrior Profile: JammieWearingFool

August 2, 2008

I know its been a little while since my last FWP post, but I’m going to assure my readers that this one isn’t borne out of some need to include a token entry or create some drama out of nothing.   You see, after years of commenting on blogs and message boards and perusing the political web, I’ve posted thousands of comments on literally hundreds of sites.  And in all my travels, I’d only been banned from one site (LGF).  Well, now, that tally has risen to two, as last night I was apparently deemed unworthy of commenting on JammieWearingFool’s blog (a netizen, as it should be noted in the interest of full disclosure, who is also an active member of LGF). 

So, if I had to choose the Flame Warrior variant that best represents Mr. Fool (or JWF, as is commonly seen), it would probably be Xenophobe:

Xenophobe is usually a long-term discussion forum participant and he thinks of the forum as his private compound. Xenophobe regards new forum arrivals as mentally deficient and perhaps even having criminal tendencies, and they are invariably approached with suspicion and condescension. Xenophobe will mount a furious attack if a Newbie has the temerity to make critical observations about the forum’s social dynamics, or questions its prevailing opinions.

As I I take a few seconds to ponder further, however, I come to the conclusion that perhaps Xenophobe doesn’t accurately encapsulate JWF’s persona.   In fact, its more likely that Mr. Fool is just simply an absolute wuss, and unable to handle someone dissecting their logic.   Or, it could be that JWF felt predisposed to ban me all along (as a loyal LGF sycophant, which of course is also indicative of wussitude), and I had reached a last straw.  In any case, I’m banned, and it happened on this thread:

As you can see from the screencap, I’m no longer able to post on the site.  What the screencap doesn’t capture, however, is the fact that I had responded to Mr. Fool’s comment.   In other words, as far as any visitor to the site is concerned, JWF had the last word and there’s no indication that anything has been deleted.  But unfortunately for Mr. Fool, I use coComment, and it remembers everything:

Lost a battle of wits?  No problem!  Just ban and delete! 

No wonder the JWF site averages < 1 comment per thread.

Oh well, I’m going to take the banishment as a badge of honor and JWF’s concession of weakness and defeat, and take the liberty of awarding myself the Wonder Palm:

I pity the Fool.

(and BTW, if JWF feels the need to comment on this thread, you have my personal assurance that no bans will be handed down.   Not my style.)

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Introducing ChenZhen’s New Blog!

July 22, 2008

Well, its technically a blog…

It’s ChenZhen’s Diggs!

Now, I say its technically a blog because it uses the site and has a comments section and all that, but its main purpose is to serve as a link aggregator for Digg (appropriately, I chose the Digg 3 column theme).  Since Digg makes is easy to generate RSS feeds for everything, I can track topics, websites and even other Digg members’ activity right in the sidebar.  So, the “blog” is really just a tool that I (or, now, anyone else) can use, and it pretty much runs on autopilot.  And since there appears to be a higher maximum number of RSS feeds with the Digg theme (the Chamber’s theme only allows a maximum of 9), I can really go nuts with it.

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Note To Obama: Dump The Community Blogs From Your Website

June 8, 2008

One would have thought that the disclaimer was enough:

Content on blogs in My.BarackObama represents the opinions of community members and in no way should be interpreted as endorsed or approved by the campaign.

But that isn’t going to stop the netizen hordes from digging through the community blogs with their screen capture software cocked and loaded, ready to pounce and smear.  

I watched this story develop in the blogosphere throughout the day, and now it has gone viral.   The lesson:  If you aren’t going to moderate this section of your website, you should probably just get rid of it altogether, since it can really do more harm than good as far as the campaign is concerned.   There’s just too much room for subversion with it; anyone can post anything within minutes (as I proved to the LGFers, who have been spending the better part of the day sifting through the archives for anything antisemitic), and its a jungle out there (here).   

I noticed that John McCain doesn’t have an open-forum community on his website, and it is probably for this reason.   I know that letting the online community have a voice and providing a venue for open exchange of ideas probably sounds noble and good on paper, but the reality is that sometimes the most radical voices yell the loudest.  If you leave it free for self moderation, before long your friendly community begins to look like a cesspool of hate, especially when you have those on the other side who are eager to latch on to the worst and spin it as indicative of the whole. Political Blogger Alliance


New Hangout

February 26, 2008

I’m happy to announce that I can add one more blog to my list of online hangouts:  Hot Air.  I make special mention of this primarily because it appeared nearly impossible to get registered there (they opened the doors for a period to allow fans of fellow Minnesotan Capt. Ed to sign up), and because this is a blog that I’ve taken a few shots at here in the Chamber (along with a few hat tips as well).   Truth be told, this is one of my favorite sites on the right side of the blogosphere, and it’s been a little frustrating having the RSS feed here in my sidebar and being unable to post a comment when I feel that I have something to say.  So, now I’m finally in. 

One more thing.  Apparently, my first hello post sent a little ripple through the blogosphere, prompting a slightly unintelligible reaction from one of my old pals at LGF:


Don’t panic.


My Little Quack

January 2, 2008

I suppose I should take this as a compliment?  I’m not sure.  Imitation as flattery?  In any case, it appears that I’ve inspired some netizen out there to go around masquerading* as, well…me.


Whoever it is, this person is dumb enough to consistently misspell my nic (using “Chenzen”), but bright enough (or provocative enough) to link back to my blog when they post.  I’m not sure if this is the work of one person, but I got a hint from the first appearance that it might be someone who recognized me from my days at LGF.

So, whoever you are, if you’re reading this, congrats.  I’ve noticed you.  To everyone else, I realize that on the internet it would be hard to know for sure whether a post is made by the man or the impostor (assuming they got around to spelling the nic correctly), but not impossible.  Only I have the Blogger,, gravatar, coComment, technorati, TypeKey, Disqus,, Daily Kos, Digg, Wonkette, etc. accounts under the legitimate handle “ChenZhen”, along with the official seal:


Accept no substitutes.

P.S.  I was a little torn as to what to put in the title, but “quack” just stuck me as the most fitting from the selection.

*Update:  It looks like “Chenzen”‘s comments have been deleted over at the Ron Paul blog.

Update:  Another sighting.  This time on (and they spelled the nic correctly this time).

Update:  LOL! 

Chenzhen   January 4th, 2008 – 12:45 am

I do not take any drugs. I am a well known political blogger, perhaps you have heard of Daily Kos or Little Green Footballs? My Blog, ChenZhen’s Chamber is one of the most well thought of a most highly rated in the blogsphere. I support Hillary becuase she is the only candidate who will reverse the damage caused by man-made global warming. The only way to end it is for all of the Consumer class people (American Middle-class) to give up their large homes, their SUVs and pay their fair share of taxes to support President Clinton’s (see, I already know she’ll win) causes/

Go to my blog….I am right, i am always right


The next thread will really disappoint this loser.

Update:  Interesting to see that I’m not the exclusive victim of this tactic.  I guess it means that I’ve hit the big time!


My 1½ Years At LGF, Part VIII: Sockpuppet Revealed!

October 24, 2007

I’m going to conclude this series by treating the lizards to a little surprise…

Mr. Poopypants = ChenZhen

On one warm August afternoon, while sitting in front of a brand-new work computer, I decided to visit the site and noticed that LGF’s registration was open.  Now, up until that point, I had been online for a few of these windows of opportunity, but I had always resisted the temptation to register another nickname.  Sockpuppetry just isn’t my thing, after all.  On this occasion, however, I felt that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have another account- just in case.  I dunno, maybe I got the feeling that “ChenZhen’s” banishment was imminent.  Anyway, the problem was, I was drawing a blank on what name to give my impostor entity.  Time was running out, and I had to think fast.   What should the name be?  Desperate, I looked up to the masthead to remind myself what site I was on (a reference to boogers, or so I’ve guessed), and the inspiration hit me.  “Mr. Poopypants” was thereby, er…um…”hatched”.  I posted a couple of innocuous comments, internally chided myself stooping to such a level, and decided to put the sockpuppet into a drawer until a day came that I might want to take him out.

A little over a month later, “ChenZhen” was unceremoniously cast out of LGF.  My instincts turned out to be fairly keen, I guess.

So, here I am, an LGFer with nothing but a ridiculously monikered sockpuppet in the drawer.  What do I do?  Well, first, I have to make sure that Mr. Poopypants had managed to stay below Charles’ radar (after banishment, many sockpuppets have been quietly blocked out due to his uncanny ability to detect them, an ability that he seems to take pride in, in fact;  you have to be careful not to arouse suspicion).  I logged in, successfully posted another lame comment, and came to the conclusion that I had snuck one past the proverbial goalie.  OK, now what?  Do I take Poopy under my wing, and begin a new life as a lizardoid?

Nah, I don’t roll like that.

So, today is the day that Mr. Poopypants gets martyred.  I’m not going to wait for my sockpuppet to be quietly banished, like so many others before him have.  I’ll hold my head high, take with me the satisfaction that I’m going to bookend this series by going out in a blaze of glory, and use poor ol’ Poopy to deliver a little encore.  The Chamber is the home of the noble flame warriors, after all…


Mr. Poopypants
This user is blocked.
—————————————- —————————————-

Registered lizardoid since: Aug 28, 2007 at 5:58 pm

No. of comments posted (since July 26, 2004): 7
Show comments within last 7 days

Topic: Zombie: Haters Attack Nonie Darwish at Berkeley

And that’s that.


My 1½ Years At LGF, Part VII: Those Wacky Comments!

October 23, 2007

I’ve managed to save some of my favorite responses to my comments. Some are benign, some are playful, some are rude, and some are just plain…scary.  In retrospect, I probably should have saved more, but I wanted to be balanced and not double up on any specific lizard (BabbaZee alone probably could have been the source of a dozen or so):

#207 Killgore Trout 2/11/2007 03:28PM PST

Rudy will give you a Purple Nurple.

#877 gymnast 2/17/2007 08:46AM PST

ChenZhen. One could make the argument that you are a prevaricating shitbird moby, however your posts make that exercise unnecessary, as you make your own case so well.

#224 BabbaZee 3/20/2007 02:47PM PDT

You just showed your entire ass
and you have no idea that you did it.

Here’s a free

fuck you

for you too

I am overstocked on them today.

#150 republic 3/27/2007 11:30:11 am PDT

I honestly pray for people like you, daily.

#165 Positively 4th Street 4/01/2007 1:35:03 pm PDT

#157 chenzen,

Maybe it’s not being misspelled. I for one try to get each individual’s nic right – if I respect them.

#167 Murqtaad 4/26/2007 10:26:55 am PDT

Horse. Fucking. Shit. You dishonest POS.

You need a large, dark cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

#104 Thanos 5/22/2007 8:39:04 pm PDT

That actually has a nice ring to it “The infamous ChenZhen!”

#53 Iron Fist 5/31/2007 6:22:16 pm PDT

Are you willing to bet YOUR life that they won’t? I’d be willing to kill you if they do.

Pistol to the forehead OK with you? Beheaddings are so messy.

#75 mjazzguitar 6/12/2007 8:38:09 pm PDT

Hey Chen Zen won the Russian Roullette contest, he’s still here!

#119 storagemanager 6/13/2007 7:28:32 pm PDT

ChenZhen is a Muslim..having fun with the prey.

#836 Promethea 7/08/2007 9:57:53 pm PDT

I’m really getting sick of ChenZhen and his nothing-useful-to-say posts.

#227 Cartman 7/19/2007 8:14:03 pm PDT

Why do some here treat ChenZhen with kid gloves, as if he were Nelson Mandela? Just curious…

#238 hous bin pharteen 7/28/2007 2:33:29 pm PDT

Chen, why should we care what you say since your always full of shit?

#48 goodbye_natalie 9/02/2007 5:48:27 pm

Howard Dean, Christiane Amanpour, General Chenzen…

Three blind mice, three blind mice,
See how they run, see how they run,
They all posed as the Islamist’s wife,
Who cut off their heads with a carving knife,
As Allahu Akbar ended their life,
It’s the three blind mice…

The thought that I’ll be missing that kinda thing from now on just brings a tear to my eye.

There was one more comment that I thought deserved special recognition, even though it wasn’t in response to anything that I posted. It was actually posted in a thread about Dubai taking control of the British stock exchange. I saved this comment* simply because it succinctly encapsulates some of the lunacy that you’ll find at the “anti-idiotarian” headquarters:

#31 Allah al Fubar

You know.,.. day after day I go to work. I toil and I go along with the program. And day after day, I see my Israel, my Brethren and my sisters being threatened by the beasts of this Earth that are called the Moslems. My tax dollars actually helped to install foot baths for these heathen scumbags, that call for our death on a daily basis. Yet, we will wash their feet. God Bless Mary Magdelene, and may She grant us the patience to do what she did to Jesus and His disciples.

And day after day, I toil and trouble over the issue, “who will save my brothers and my sisters” from the mischeif in this land. This is the land of freedom and democracy, the Land that delivered so many from turmoil. this land has been taken over by HEATHENS. AND, we act as if we are powerless. We commisserate, and we whine, and we seethe and we do NOTHING.

I’m even going to be so bold as to publish my own email addy.. If I’m dead next tuesday, you’ll know who killed me. The Mohametans.

—– [deleted out of respect for the, um, mentally disabled-Ed]

Come and get me, scumbags.. I just got my permit.

Irrational fear, and firearms. Wonderful combination. Someone needs to take a deep breath, and step away from the LGF.

*Mr. Johnson, to his credit, deleted this comment not long after it was posted (although I’m not sure if it was because it violated the policy about posting personal info, or because it was just plain wacko). Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist.

Tomorrow’s topic:



My 1½ Years At LGF, Part VI: Symphony Of Sycophants

October 22, 2007

Mr. Johnson gets a lot of “love” from the commentors on his site.  It makes some sense, I suppose, since the way he restricts registration pretty much guarantees that the vast majority of netizens that get in are avid readers of LGF, and would share the same basic ideology.  In fact, many of the lizards have commented that they have waited months (or longer) to finally catch a window of opportunity to register.

Is that unique to blogs? Certainly not. Bloggers run their blogs any way they choose, and LGF is certainly not alone when it comes to “filtering” the field of registered members.  In Charles’ case, it appears that ever since he started the practice of short, unannounced registration periods, the law of averages were in his favor. But every so often, an aberration such as myself snuck in, and he probably figured that as long as we were well-behaved, there was no legitimate reason to cast us out. The system made it easy to deal with “trolls” on a case-by-case basis. Whatever the rationale, the end result is a comment section that is pretty friendly (to him).  Nothing really groundbreaking there.

What is unique to LGF (and what I wasn’t prepared for) was the level of “love” exuded by the minions. Sure, some of the butt-kissing could be explained by the perceived need to collect brownie points in order to insulate oneself from banishment (a decision that I had always assumed was made by Charles alone), but it appeared to go a little further than that.  I began to notice that gratuitous praise was being thrown out even for the most innocuous comments and banal threads.   After a while, I started to get the feeling that there was a certain amount of hero worship going on, and people were making it a tad bit personal.

That realization hit me like a ton of bricks when I received an email from a fellow LGFer (who I invited to contribute to my blog, and will remain nameless), chiding me about my…um… behavior:

Chen- have you not figured me out? Have you not noticed my line? Disrespecting Charles is my line- the man is my hero. Scoff at me if you’d like, but I cannot tolerate disrespect for him by people he allows to remain on his blog, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to be respectful to their host. You sneak off elsewhere to disrespect him- it’s no different than doing it at LGF. You can respectfully disagree with him, but you went over that line- way over. You weren’t even disagreeing with him- you just attacked him.

There is no way I can join you on your blog after what you’ve done- I can’t “defend” you either. I’ve heard what people are saying- that I’m your protector. How ridiculous! Charles’ patience is your protection, so I’d tread carefully if I were you. If you care to make amends, I’d start with a nice public apology to Charles– and don’t bother unless it’s sincere. If Charles sees fit to give you another chance- things between us will improve, but I’ll take my cue from him since it’s his blog, and I respect him. I stood up for you- twice. I put my reputation on the line for you, Chen- and this is my thanks? Did you see the number of people willing to give you a chance because I asked for it for you?! xx xxxx, and xxxx, and xxxxxxx, and xxxxxx and even Charles tried- and others. And what did you do with that gift, Chen? It’s like you spit in my face. You wasted it. What a shame.

I’m sorry I didn’t meet you in the lounge Sunday- I was pissed at others and was afraid I’d be more harsh with you than I intended. As for your secret- it will remain safe with me- I don’t stab friends in the back, and at the time you told me we were friends. You will always have my sympathy on this- but don’t you ever dare try to play me off it- I’ll tell you now I would find that be vile and completely below the belt. I may still take issue with your posts, and post to you, but understand it is not out of friendship. I will not return any friendly banter- unless you make that sincere apology and I see you show proper respect to your host. Bear in mind- I’m not talking about agreeing with him- just being respectful. You complain to me about getting called names on LGF….don’t be a hypocrite Chen- the world has enough of those. Take care of yourself and I’ll see you around.

As it turned out, I never apologised. My bad, I guess.  Personally, I don’t really have a hero.  If I did, and it happened to be some dude who sat in front of a computer all day in his pajamas…please shoot me.

Anyway, if you have a few handfuls of people like this hanging out on a daily basis, the predictable scenario would be that it might go to one’s head.  It feels good, I’m sure.  What might begin to happen next, however, is a situation where one would enhance and facilitate this feeling as much as possible…

Today, the likes of myself, Gordon, and Sura 109 are gone, Charles has begun to personally oversee the inclusion of new registrants, and the butt-kissing has been made possible without even having to put the sentiment into words (in the form of a new and otherwise useless comment and thread rating system lgfminus.gif lgfplus.gif ).


Tomorrow’s topic:

Those Wacky Comments!


My 1½ Years At LGF, Part V: Obsession With Daily Kos

October 21, 2007

Another thing you’d notice if you read LGF is that they talk about and link to diaries at Daily Kos. A lot. Primarily, the recurring theme is the showcasing of a Kossack diary and it’s subsequent mockery in the comments section. Less often, you’d see a thread about Kos himself, or something about the site generally. The exercise was so common that you’d be hard-pressed to read LGF for a few days without seeing at least one thread about something that happened in Kosland. (Added factoid: The thing that prompted me to get a membership at DK was my inability to overcome the insatiable curiousity I had. You know, to find out what all the hubub was about.)

A while after noticing this, I documented the adventures of Killgore Trout, who is easily LGF’s chief Kos reconnaissance agent. While conducting the research for this post, I couldn’t help but be awe struck by the sheer volume of Kos diarists that had the honor of gracing LGF’s main page. Killgore certainly wasn’t the only lurker-linker, however. Kos links would routinely appear in the comments section of any given thread, offered up by any number of Lizardoids. (Apparently, the prospect of finding a “gem” worthy of front page status and receiving a hat tip for the effort was deemed quite valuable.)  All told, I have no doubt that hundreds of Kos links would turn up for the ambitious soul who might take the time to search.

What some might find particularly ironic about all this is, on the one hand, Kos Derangement Syndrome, and on the other, the absolute hatred the LGFers direct at the Dreaded Blog of Blasphemy (my coinage), aka LGF Watch, aka “stalker blog #1“. In the blog LGF world, you see, “stalking” is apparently defined as a blogger’s obsessive scrutiny of another blog’s posts and comments, along with mocking a blogger and his/her commentors on a regular basis and over an extended period.


Do I have a theory on why Charles and the gang are so preoccupied by what goes on at Daily Kos?  Not really.  One thing that is revealing, I suppose, is that these days Charles will often refer to the site as the “mainstream voice of the Democratic Party“, which might lead someone to think that he believes that his efforts would have an effect on the wider political stage.  On the other hand,  he often throws in the “screw them” nickname whenever he posts about Markos himself, which might mean that it’s more about Kos than the website.  Perhaps it’s jealousy.  Or, it could be that it’s simply the biggest tree to pick cherries from.  A little of all of the above? I don’t know.

Tomorrow’s topic:

Symphony of Sycophants


My 1½ Years At LGF, Part IV: The 2 Faces Of LGF

October 20, 2007

Mr. Johnson and his website have become somewhat famous, resulting in the occasional newspaper mention, tv appearance, or radio segment.  I couldn’t help but notice that the way LGF is presented when he’s quoted by the “MSM” and interviewed by conservative radio hosts seems to be markedly different from the blog I was reading on a regular basis.  Or, to use one of Charles’ favorite terms, LGF was looking a little “whitewashed”.

For example, his Washington Post quote “The vast, vast majority of Muslims want to get along and live a comfortable life just like everyone else” is definitely a notion that I hadn’t seen volunteered on the blog, and certainly wouldn’t have gone uncriticized if I had posted a similar sentiment in the comments.  In fact, if you spend enough time reading LGF you begin to wonder things like if there’s a single Islamic organization in all of North America that isn’t a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood or connected to terrorism in some way.  But, hey, I’m not a mind-reader.

In an even more blatantly disingenuous episode, Johnson made a July 31 appearance on Dennis Prager’s show to discuss the Stanislav Shmulevich/Pace U./Koran dunking incident.  Right from the begining, he described the incident as a “horrible crime” (audio) and agreed with Prager that “no one was defending” the act.  What Johnson neglected to tell the listening audience was the fact that Stanislav had contacted LGF (?!) and was promptly given a coveted account to post on the site (user:StanS)*.  And naturally, days later, a group of lizards assembled a pro bono defense team for Mr. Shmulevich (with a blessing that would obviously be implied by a dedicated thread about it).

I just shrugged my shoulders on that one.

*I could have sworn that Charles had announced that he had granted the account on the main page, but now I can’t seem to find that little detail.  Scrubbed?  Why in the world would he do that?

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My 1½ Years At LGF, Part III: Gaping Disconnect On The Iraq War

October 19, 2007

As I mentioned earlier, my primary intention when joining LGF was to find a place where I could debate the validity and reasonableness of the Iraq war and Bush’s role in the matter.  I found out early on that my views on the subject represented a tiny minority of registered LGFers.  This was a situation that I was hoping for, since I was looking for something a little more challenging than the relatively friendly confines of  So, debate I did, and it was good.

As the war dragged on a while longer, however, I noticed that there were fewer and fewer threads on the subject. Why?  I don’t know for sure. I can only offer conjecture…

I think that LGF was like a lot of war blogs in that the support for the war from the beginning stemmed not from the idea that Saddam posed a tactical threat to the US or that the Iraqi people deserve to be liberated.  The underlying justification was much less cerebral, i.e. we were attacked on 9/11 by Arabs, and the appropriate response was to kick some Arab ass.  Or, according to Mr. Johnson:

In the Arab/Islamic shame-honor mindset, this is interpreted as weakness — and it was. It was that perceived weakness that was directly responsible for 9/11. The only way to rectify this is to demonstrate superior force; and that’s what President Bush did after 9/11, smashing the Taliban and dethroning Saddam Hussein.

So, in the run-up to the invasion, blogs like LGF would routinely run with the theme that pro-war views were appropriate and anti-war views were “weak” (usually delivered in the form of mocking protesters). We invaded, and as the war progressed (from the “kicking ass” phase of “shock and awe”, to rounding up the Baathists and capturing Saddam, to facilitating elections and helping the Iraqis establish a government, to training defense forces and attempt to build infrastructure), the mission began to look less and less like the one that the warbloggers originally advocated.  So, they’ve shifted the rationale a bit so that we’re now “kicking ass” on al Qaeda, and they’ll occasionally post a thread when something significant happens on that front.  Eventually, however, one begins to look a little silly when there’s a celebration for the umpteenth killing of AQ’s “#2” guy.  That might mean that there’s less to talk about overall.  Again, just conjecture.

These days, the mission that our troops are engaged in primarily involves counterinsurgency operations and facilitating the diplomats’ efforts in bringing about some sort of political stability.  Now, if you read anything about effective counterinsurgency tactics or diplomacy, you’d see that it has a lot less to do with “kicking ass”, and a lot more to do with building alliances, gaining the trust of the population, observing cultural sensitivities, etc. Gaining trust and observing the cultural sensitivities of Arabs is something that appears to be the polar opposite of what’s going on at LGF.


So, here you have warbloggers who continue to claim that they support the troops and their mission, all the while repeating the “us against Islam” meme that the State Dept. and the commanders on the ground are desperately trying to discredit.  The cognitive dissonance that results when they post things like Michael Totten’s report that our troops are winning the hearts and minds of the residents of Anbar makes my head hurt.  I mean, the realization that this kind of success wasn’t made possible by advocating Koran dunk-athons or mocking the Muslim’s dislike of pork products is still outside the grasp of most of them, but occasionally a lizard will post something especially profound…

#117 Pro-Bush Canuck

One look at the people in Totten’s essay is enough to remind us that not every person who happened to be born into Islam is our enemy.

We have two enemies: Islamists and the Left. Al Qaeda appears to be much more evil, but if I had to choose I would definitely say that the Left is the more evil force in the greater scheme of things. Al Qaeda can be defeated; the Left is like a cancer, and will be a life or death battle for us for many decades to come, long after Islamism has subsided.

…or not.

(the “reminder” scored a modest +4 on the rate-my-post-o-meter, however)

It all kinda gives one the impression that they don’t really know what we’re doing there (or why) any more than anyone else does.  For the most part, they seem to follow whatever the administration talking point of the week happens to be, just with their own twist.  If you ask me, it takes some pretty stellar mental gymnastics to make that work.  But, like the general Weekly Standard-ish crowd, it doesn’t seem to bother them that these people we’re fighting really weren’t a threat to us before we invaded, and that most have only taken up arms because we’re there.  It’s much simpler just think of them all as the 20th hijacker, of course.

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