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Introducing…The ChamberBurger!

September 21, 2008

I thought I’d take a break from political blogging for a second, and reveal a little culinary masterpiece that I discovered by accident.

First, a little background…

I sat here in front of my TV watching the various NFL games on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, felt pretty hungry, and decided I was either too lazy or too unwilling to pry myself away from the action to make a run to the grocery store (or to Mickey D’s), so I was left to make do with whatever I had left in the kitchen.  I took a look around, and noticed that I had a few of those cheap frozen hamburger patties (but no buns), four slices of bread (but no lunchmeat or lettuce), eggs, cheese, chips, and a few condiments.  The time had come to get a little creative.

So, I gathered everything I had together, fired up the grill, and slapped a pan on the stove.  I knew that if I was going to use the bread in place of buns, the patties would have to be well-done, so I started there first and put two of them on the ‘ol Aussie.   Once those were about ready, I threw the cheese on, popped the bread in the toaster, and cracked an egg on the stove.  Here’s the rather tall stack of a sandwich that I wound up with:

  1. toast (end slice)
  2. egg
  3. toast
  4. patty (w/cheese)
  5. mustard, mayo, and dill relish
  6. toast 
  7. patty (w/cheese)
  8. toast

Add some chips, and it looks like this (yes, I took a picture):

click for jumbo size

click for jumbo size

As you can see, this meal isn’t exactly the healthiest thing out there.  In fact, it’s probably a heart attack on a plate.  I have no idea how many calories I was staring at, but after struggling to get my mouth around the thing, I must say that it was friggin DELICIOUS.  

Shaggy and Scooby would be proud:

Click to Play!


Imminent Suicide Watch For Everyone In Wisconsin?

August 1, 2008

I’m sure I’m not alone out there when it comes to people who are sports junkies or even casual news observers and are to the point of suffering from a bit of Brett Favre overload.  The guy has been in the news almost daily with America sitting on the edge of her seat, waiting to see what the Green Bay Packer legend’s next career move might be.   I’ve reached the conclusion at this point that the guy might be a bona fide drama queen, and is secretly relishing all the attention.  I mean, how long ago was it that he actually cried in front of the cameras?  March?

“I know I can play, but I don’t think I want to,” the quarterback said at an emotional news conference at Lambeau Field. “It’s been a great career for me, but it’s over.”

Yea m’kay.  There’s got to be some sort of man law drawn up somewhere that says that when you announce your retirement and get up in front of everyone and actually break down crying, there’s no coming out.  That’s it, you’re done.  But no.

Anyway, for a guy like me living across the boarder here in Minnesota, I could imagine at the time the legions of “cheese heads” glued to their TV’s, hanging on every word, tears dripping down in unison.  You see, Packer fans aren’t ordinary fans.  They actually exemplify the root wood, and they’re everywhere in Wisconsin.  Heck, they are Wisconsin, and they’re positively obnoxious.  Indoctrinated at birth, too:

And Favre isn’t any ordinary Packer.  Fill in the blank for which God-like figure you want used as a similie. 

In fact, if I was asked why people in Minnesota hate the Packers so much (and vise versa), I’d say that it’s not the Packers themselves.  It’s the crazy cheese heads.

So imagine what might go through the Dairy Staters noggins when they see a headline like this: Vikings could be back in the Favre picture

GREEN BAY, WIS. – The Green Bay Packers, driven to the brink of desperation in their ongoing spat with Brett Favre, have discussed internally the possibility of trading the quarterback within the NFC North Division.

A source close to the situation told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Wednesday that the Packers were considering seeking a deal with one of their division rivals, most likely the Vikings or Chicago Bears, if backed into a corner by the NFL and public sentiment.

Now, obviously nothing’s been decided yet, but if on Sept. 8, Brett Favre marches in to Lambeau Field on the Monday night opener wearing Viking purple…watch out.  While such a scenario would ultimately be a boon for TV ratings and revenue, it’d be bad news for Wisconsin.  We might just see quite a bit more than just a never-ending flow of angry phone calls into talk radio shows coming form over there.  I’d look for death threats, an increase in domestic violence, suicide notes, burning cars, rampant unemployment and people lying passed-out drunk in alleys all across the state.

Update:  Crisis averted?  Favre heads to Green Bay as NFL announces reinstatement


Iraq Not To Go To Beijing

July 24, 2008

With all the talk lately about how dramatic the success of the “surge” has been in reducing violence and moving the Iraqis towards meeting those 18 benchmarks, I found it a little surprising and disconcerting to see this headline appear on Drudge: Iraq banned from Beijing Olympics

The reason?

The team was already the subject of an interim ban after the Iraqi government replaced the country’s Olympic committee with its own appointees.

Under the IOC charter, all committees must be free of political influence.

Iraq had been planning to send a team of at least seven athletes to the Olympics which start on 8 August.

Two rowers, a weightlifter, a sprinter, a discus thrower, a judoka and an archer were in the frame for the trip to Beijing.

“The deadline for taking up places for Beijing for all sports except athletics has now passed,” said IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies.

“The IOC very sadly has now to acknowledge that it is likely there will be no Iraqi presence at the Beijing Olympic Games, despite our best efforts.”

In other words, the Iraqis couldn’t manage to scrape together a viable NOC (perhaps having something to do with the fact that their previous president had been kidnapped and remains missing), even though they had athletes trained and ready to compete. I know its just the Olympics and all, but that isn’t exactly a great sign of progress.  In fact, since the Iraqi soccer team finished a surprising 4th in the 2004 Athens Games, this development could be symbolic of a step backwards.  After all, along with 200+ others, even the tiny nation of Tuvalu managed to complete this simple task, giving her 12,000 citizens someone to root for come 08/08. Political Blogger Alliance

Update: Yay! 2 Iraqi Athletes Set for Beijing After IOC Lifts Ban

BAGHDAD, July 29 — Two Iraqi athletes will be allowed to participate in the Beijing Olympics after a last-minute pledge by the Iraqi government Tuesday not to interfere politically in the country’s Olympic movement.

Five members still didn’t make it in (missed the registration deadline), but I suppose 2 is better than none.   Hopefully the deal is on the up-and-up, or I may have to admit that good ol’ Tex has a point.  (h/t Gateway Pundit, via Memeorandum)


The Obamamobile?

July 11, 2008

I thought I’d post an addendum to my “Obama compounds” thread, and highlight one more I spotted.  This one, however, might be a little less ambiguous: Analysis: Obama could get mileage from NASCAR

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The political and sporting worlds collided Friday afternoon when CNN’s sister publication, Sports Illustrated, reported that Sen. Barack Obama is considering sponsoring a car in a NASCAR race next month.


But isn’t exposure what this is all about? If Obama decides to do it, he will get great media attention for entering the world of NASCAR, and not just from the pack of political journalists following the race — that is, the race for the White House. He’d also get attention from sports reporters and commentators who cover the race — that is, auto racing. It’s not a bad way to reach out to voters who may not be following the campaign daily.

I’d be inclined to agree with Mark Preston’s analysis; this is a brilliant idea on many levels.  One question is whether the network that covers the race will give it the buzz, or if they will instructed to treat it like any other sponsor on any other car, and virtually ignore it.   Another is the intuitive one, which is, how well will the car itself perform?   If the driver is able to spend a good portion of the race in the top 10, then it will get a lot more exposure.  If it trails the majority of the race, a viewer might not even notice that its there.    I’ll have to check the odds in Vegas before the race, I guess.   The last question would be what effect a wreck might have.  If one is to assume that the majority of the fans at the race lean right…would the crowd cheer if the Obamamobile hits the wall at 150?   I suppose it wouldn’t matter since, luckily for Obama, the roar of the engines takes the crowd out of it for the TV audience.

Exit question: What dynamic is created if McCain follows suit? Political Blogger Alliance


Please, Make It Stop

November 19, 2007

Here’s a commercial that football fans in Minnesota are undoubtedly familiar with by now.  Over that last few weeks, it seems like I’ve seen it a few dozen times.  crystal-and-chantelle.jpgIt’s an ad for the local radio station KXXR (aka 93.7 FM aka 93X) and it features two fairly attractive females clumsily lip synching the vocals of various music clips.  That in and of itself is pretty cheesy, but when you add the parts where they mouth the words of dubbed in male voices shouting things like “93X Rocks!”, the result is something that is slightly, um…deranged.  The intent here was obviously to focus on sex appeal, but the overdubbing absolutely kills it to the point of being somewhat disturbing.

The folks at 93X obviously think they’ve hit one out of the proverbial park:

Meet Crystal and Chantelle … You can check them out in 93X‘s latest commercial. If you haven’t seen it yet … it’s HOT!

Hot?  Sure, if you like girls sporting a baritone.  Interestingly, this isn’t the first ad for 93X with this theme:

2006 w/ Playboy Playmate

And there’s more.  93x isn’t the only radio station to decide that this type of thing appealed to their target market.  Also on YouTube:



One gets the impression that it’s possible that all these were produced by the same people.  Producers who appear to have some strange fetish for having male voices coming out of female lips.  After all, it’s hard to believe that market researchers sat in on focus groups and had some epiphany that led them in this direction. 


ChenZhen’s Fantasy Football Roster

September 4, 2007

Since I didn’t really feel like blogging about Larry Craig again, I decided that tonight’s entry will be a little more on the lighter side.  I’ve been in this fantasy football league for years.  It started out as a league formed by a group of coworkers.  We’ve been at it long enough that none of us are actually coworkers anymore, so it serves as a way to keep in touch with some old pals too.  It’s a partial “keeper” league (we keep our best 4 and draft the rest).  Here’s the breakdown:

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Comedy Gold – The Tale Of The “Wide Stance”

August 30, 2007

I’m just going to follow up on my previous post about Larry Craig, just because I think it’s so damn funny.  The thing I keep chuckling about was the fact that Craig told the undercover airport police officer that the reason his foot had crossed into the adjoining stall was because he had a “wide stance”.  I mean, who poops like that?  I’m just trying to picture it.  It’s pretty funny when you do.  Maybe that in and of itself is “lewd conduct”?  I dunno.

Since I live in Minneapolis, I thought about going down to MSP airport and doing a little “Mythbusters“-style experiment to see just how wide a stance you’d have to have to actually touch the foot of the man in the next stall.  The police report wasn’t too specific about which restroom it was (Northstar Crossing refers to the 100+ restaurants and shops in the Lindbergh terminal), and I’m not sure if I can even get in there (it’s been a while since I’ve flown), so I think I’ve decided against it.  It would make for a funny picture though.

Anyway, speaking of wide stances, The Vikings play another preseason game tonight at 7 PM CST.

Update:  RawStory has the audio of Craig’s arrest where he gives his statement to the officer.  Like I said, comedy gold!

Just the fact that he said “entrapment”, to me, means that he is in fact gay and/or has done that sort of thing before. To claim entrapment basically means “Hey, you were sitting in the stall next to me, what gay man seeking annonymous sex is going to resist that?” LOL


Iraq Wins Asia Cup

July 29, 2007

Talk about a fairytale:  Iraq defy odds to win Asian Cup

When the final whistle sounded, the Iraq players collapsed to the ground in a mixture of shock and an unbridled emotion, kissing the turf and embracing each other after their country’s finest sporting moment.

Saudi Arabia were outplayed by an Iraqi team riding high on a wave of national support.

The Iraqis created a string of chances, only to be denied by sloppy finishing and extraordinary saves from Saudi goalkeeper Yasser Al Mosailem.

It will be interesting to see if this stimulates a feeling of national unity that actually makes a difference over there. 

BTW- The final score was 1-0.


Iraq Plays Saudi Arabia For Asia Cup Final

July 25, 2007

After Iraq beat Vietnam, a few people were killed by gunfire during the celebration.  Today, the Iraqi team beat South Korea, and the jubilant soccer fans in Baghdad were treated to car bombs

On Sunday, the Iraqis will play neighboring Saudi Arabia for the championship in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Brace yourselves.


Iraq Vs. Vietnam

July 21, 2007

Iraq won 2-0.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Police danced at checkpoints and gunmen fired their weapons in celebration Saturday as thousands of jubilant Iraqis poured into the streets of Baghdad after their national soccer team’s 2-0 victory over Vietnam in a quarterfinal match of the Asia Cup in Bangkok, Thailand .

The impromptu citywide parade lifted the capital’s wartime gloom and let Iraqis forget momentarily the daily frustrations of their lives.


What, you thought this post was about something else?  For the latest on the Asia Cup, click here.

Update:  The Iraqis partied so hard that 3 people were killed and 50 more injured in the celebration.