Eviltwinfelicia is a semi-anonymous netizen residing in the state of Colorado. 


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  3. Unsurpassed hardware design for the iPhone? Are you kidding?Whenever a new iPhone comes out, it is always behind the curve in terms of hardware.And for iOS, forgot to mention “terrible, productivity-impeding notification system”, something that is widely criticized by experts and gadget geeks.And one of the cons for WP7 was “No multitasking for third-party apps”, yet that fact escaped mention in the iOS cons list…Also, “Lackluster game selection” for Android? What about Tegra Zone and Playstation Suite?!And this page was last updated February 2, 2011, and the Verizon iPhone is on there, so why are the best devices for Android so old? Why not the Atrix 4G? Or the Nexus S, widely seen by the afore mentioned gadget geeks as one of the best Android phones out there. What about the Incredible S, the Desire HD???And all of the pros and cons lists include things like “UI not as elegant”, “Gorgeous interface”, “Easy-to-use interface”, says who??!! You can’t just throw your own biases into the mix if this is supposed to be a guide to which OS is best for each person individually.If this needs to be approved by moderators like the last comment I made on this site, I doubt it will go up, but as long as someone reads this, then let me say, please polish up this post, remove your biases and get your facts straight. I know you may not be a smartphone-centric website, but if you’re going to post buying guides for the average consumer, make sure you know what you’re doing!

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