Greetings Lizards! (Update: Banned)

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted:


This user is blocked.

Registered lizardoid since: Apr 29, 2006 at 3:41 pm

No. of comments posted : 1,593

On the plus side, it will free up more time to work on posts here. 🙂  I’ll try to visit some of my LGF pals who have blogs too.

Update:  I took the time to publish my LGF memoirs (an 8-part series), so if you’re bored, go ahead and check ’em out:

The remaining portion of this page is the original text that greeted visiting LGFers when they clicked the “ChenZhen” link in my posts:

(this page is an open thread for visiting LGFers; click the header for the main blog)

I’d just like to say how much I enjoy LGF, and that I do my best to add to the discussion however I can.  I’ve learned a lot from all of you.   Welcome to my blog! 

As much as I strive to be as valuable a contributor as possible,  I’m often forced to articulate my thoughts  in a concise manner (usually when I post from work), so I apologise in advance for anything that gets misunderstood.  I do visit the Lizard Lounge when I’m bored (usually weekdays between 8-9 PM CST), so many of you can catch me in there.

Also, as a general rule, I don’t respond to ad Hominems, or any form of name-calling on LGF.  I prefer to be a noble and honorable netizen. I am happy to engage others in honest debate, so long as I have sufficient time to do so.  I’m not afraid to challenge, defend or concede other members’ points.  Again, preemptive apologies if I’m unable to respond.

BTW- I  was humbly honored by DesertSage for bestowing this special lizard status upon me:


For other memorable responses to my posts, click here.

I suppose its also worth mentioning here that I have a couple LGF “hat tips”, here  and here.

Comments welcome!  (Phony email addys work just fine, BTW, but I don’t email people)


  1. nice place. thanks.

  2. Maybe Tireless Rebutter mixed with Rebel Leader?

    EDIT: for context, see this post -CZ

  3. Hey, uh. That crack today about “me” was not really intended towards you- you just gave me an opening to use it. Honestly- I think you’re alright Chen.

  4. It’s all good.

  5. The “blue thing” – I have the habit of clicking on LGF bloggers to see what they have done lately. But you INSIST that I ALWAYS return to your welcome. Where are my 2nd amendment right to choice?
    /mock stupid

  6. OK I kinda clarified there up top. That, and I moved the comment hall of fame to another page.

    Anyway, consider this an open thread specifically for LGFers to drop me a line or comment.

  7. nice site 🙂 :thumbsup:

  8. ChenZhen,Maybe it’s just the American flag that you proudly display. You know, the one that says Pro American/Anti Bush.

    I voted for president Bush. I fully understand that he isn’t the best president that we’ve ever had, and I disagree with him on a whole host of issues.
    But the fact still remains that I voted for the man and I will try and support him until the end of his term.

    You have every right to be anti-Bush. I have lots of friends that are anti-Bush, but they don’t blog on LGF and pretend to take both sides of the issues.

    Also, you saying that you’re anti-Bush implies that you are also anti-DesertSage.

    One more thing, thank you for giving me the hat tip for finding you the lizard. You remembered.

  9. DesertSage-

    I have lots of friends that are anti-Bush, but they don’t blog on LGF and pretend to take both sides of the issues.

    I didn’t know LGF was a ‘pro-Bush’ site. In fact, it looks like Charles is very much against those kinds of labels. Even if it was though, I doubt you’d want to stifle debate so long as its civilized, right?

    Also, I don’t pretend to take both sides. No one is in 100% agreement with someone else all the time. I think some of you guys have a penchant for reducing politics to an ‘us vs. them’ sort of platform. I guess I just don’t believe in that.

  10. No ChenZhen, LGF isn’t a ‘pro-Bush’site. But it isn’t an ‘anti-Bush’ site either.
    The people that post on LGF know the difference between being critical of our President’s policies (this includes me) and having such a bad case of BDS that they think Bush is a Nazi, Fascist, evil Devil and his administration is a satanic cult (this would include you).
    Your banner does not say ‘Pro-American, Anti-Bush Policies’.
    It says ‘Pro-American, Anti-Bush’….period.
    I don’t mind people that disagree with policy, in fact, our country thrives on it. But you hate the man on a personal level. In the mind of someone like you ChenZhen, the best thing that could probably happen to you is if you woke up some morning and the news said that Bush was assasinated and Cheney had a life ending heart attack. You would probably have non-stop multiple orgasms that lasted all day.
    To me that is a sick mindset.
    You come over to LGF and wait for someone to comment negatively about Bush, then you pounce. Usually the comment is about a disagreement with his policy, not a critique about whether they like him personally. But that’s not good enough for you, you jump right in and make snide little comments about Bush personally in the hope that other people will agree with you. You hate the fact that there are people that actually like Bush personally (even though they might be critical of his policies).
    You want nothing less than the mans total destruction. You’re not happy with simple disagreements, you want EVERYONE to HATE him just as much as you do. You will just keep chipping away at any last vestige of support that the President has. Your little ambiguous comments seem innocuous enough, but your goal is clear, at least it is to me.
    I’ve never trusted anyone that takes both sides of an issue, and I trust them even less when I know exactly what they’re up to.

    I know what you’re up to ChenZhen, you can fool a lot of people over at LGF, but you can’t fool me.

  11. First off, I think you’re drawing too many conclusions from the flag banner. It’s a little scary, frankly, that you would connect ‘anti-Bush’ with ‘sick mindset’. But if that’s how you feel, then, that’s how you feel, I guess. I’m not going to go into the reasons that I feel this way, ’cause I’m sure you’ve heard some of them before. But, I did think about this on the way home from work today as I listened to Michael Savage call Bush a ‘madman’. BDS is spreading, apparently.

    Second, about this ‘I don’t trust you’ stuff. You make it sound as if I’m some sort of threat or something. Let’s keep things in perspective here. So far, I’ve been on LGF a year and managed to accumulate 662 posts (I had to look). That’s an average of 1.8 posts/day. Less than 2 posts per day on a site that averages thousands of posts daily from hundreds of LGFers, many of whom average 5, 10, 20. I mean, what the heck do you think I’m capable of anyway? I post on lots of other sites as well. I have my own blog where I post my thoughts. I use the same ‘ChenZhen’ handle everywhere. Who the heck am I trying to fool?

    If you really think I’m trolling, then follow Charles’ advice and just ignore me. You’ve been doing the opposite it seems, as just yesterday you baited me. So, don’t get all huffy when I bite.

    And, yes, I’ll admit that I’ve gotten carried away with the cutesy stuff lately. I’ll try to watch that.

  12. Are you trying to make people go blind with this font size? I’ve been here for two minutes and I already have a headache.

  13. Yea it is a bit small, I know. You’re the first to say something though.

  14. 🙂 Hmmmm….

  15. I agree with Dirk — the font IS too small.
    So I’m now the second one to say something.

  16. Hello.

  17. I thought I’d give a shout out

  18. Fonts smallish. Indicitive?

    Hiya Chenster.


  19. First time here. Very interesting site. Thanks!


  20. Global Warming Insanity

    Al Gore has single-handedly destroyed a necessary facet of Science: the zealous questioning of scientific hypotheses. Not only does questioning assure accuracy, but it also elevates science itself to a field from which public policy can be based. However, Gore, comedian’s wives, singers, and Leonardo DiCaprio publicly state that the debate is over regarding man-made global warming. As such, we should now make drastic changes that will undoubtedly place an insurmountable economic burden on us all.

    Whether or not Global Warming exists, is a problem, and is man-made, should not only be debated, but nothing could be more anti-science than to prevent the questioning of its assertions. Rest assured that whenever you are told that a scientific theory is based on the number of people who agree with its findings, you know you’re being propagandized.

    First, let’s examine the data. This entire global warming panic is based on a correlative study, as CO2 goes up or down, so does temperature. (This is the part of Al Gore’s slide show where he says, “Didn’t these [lines] once fit together.”) Well, this doesn’t mean that CO2 causes temperature fluctuations. There could be other variables that cause the temperatures to rise or fall. For example, “swimming pool drowning” and “ice cream sales” are directly correlated; however, this is not because ice cream causes drowning. It is because more people eat ice cream in the summer…More people swim in the summer…More people drown as more people swim.

    One thing Al Gore won’t tell you, however, is that an increase in temperature can also cause an increase in CO2. How is this possible?? Well, the oceans give off more CO2 as temperatures rise. Moreover, the oceans give off more CO2 than any human ever could. So what is causing the increase in temperature? Many scientists believe that the Sun’s activity is actually causing an increase in temperature. Wow!! Who would have thought that our Solar system’s greatest source of energy is causing an increase in temperature? Maybe that explains why Mars’ ice caps are melting too.

    Furthermore, the Global Warming fanatics are acting like the temperature has never changed on this Earth. Well, we’ve had over five ice ages that came and went without any help from us. There was also the “little ice age” in the middle of the past millennium where people actually ice skated on the River Thames. Then the temperatures rose before the industrial revolution. Imagine that!! In fact, the warm periods before the “Little ice age” were associated with more prosperity because crops could more easily grow. Another added bonus to the Global warming, if it is true, is that CO2 is what makes plants grow (meaning more food to feed the growing population); it is not a pollutant, so this is not surprising at all.

    Lastly, whenever you hear someone say the IPCC report states that an overwhelming number of scientists support its findings on man-made Global Warming, let that person know that many of its lead authors don’t agree with its findings and spoke out about the Al Gore’s dishonesty in the Great Global Warming Swindle. The saddest part about this madness is that Al Gore has managed to convince an entire population of people not to question his statements and that there is overwhelming agreement. Nothing could be further from this inconvenient truth.

    Devil’s Advocate
    Copious Dissent – Your Daily Dose of Liberty

  21. Greetings, ChenZhen! Nice blog!

  22. global warming is becoming such a obvious problem that someone somewhere other than Al Gore needs to step up to help drive the bus!

  23. Hail and well met, fellow ex-lizardoid! Guess Chucky ain’t happy that people don’t share in his goose-stepping Busholatry.

  24. I’m not so sure. Part of me thinks that he got more tired of the sycophants whining about me than anything I was posting. It was a weird way to go out, that’s for sure. Kind of a whimper.

  25. Welcome to the club Chen. I was never a member, even though Charlie thought I was and banned somebody while thinking it was me, but I’ve been blocked before from accessing the site. You enjoyed LGF and you know that I don’t share that sentiment, but consider your blocking a medal of honour. I would for sure..

  26. I think that’s badge of honor. 🙂

    I miss some of those guys, I suppose.

  27. Hello ChenZhen. Thanks for your helpful comment on LGF Watch. I’ll keep an eye on your site.

    By the way, the Redneck Riviera gang has now blocked me from even viewing their site. In addition to psychoRayra, some of the other dead-enders were also opposed to my inclusion. Oh well, as with you, it’s their loss.

    Regards. BTW, I’m working on some blog ideas. More details to follow.

  28. […] ChenZhen Chambered I like to read blogs of all political persuasions, except for the shrill and unhinged ones. Let’s just say that I’m a blogaholic. A guy I’ve known for a while is ChenZhen. We don’t always see eye to eye, but he’s got a good blog that more people should read. He’s been spotted on such blogs as Daily Kos, Wonkette and, until recently, Little Green Footballs. […]

  29. […] I return to banished territory as some creatively monikered […]

  30. Ahhh , this is where you harvest your nuts!!

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