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Safe Prediction For Hannity’s Palin Interview

September 13, 2008

Well, the much-discussed interview Sarah Palin had with ABC’s Charles Gibson is over, and the word around the campfire is that she was treated unfairly.  Luckily for her, the next scheduled sit-down will be with my pal Sean Hannity.  Why luckily?  Well, let’s just say that I can sum up the interview with two images:

Exit thought:  I’m getting a kick out of all the pundits rushing in to defend Palin’s “Bush Doctrine” response during Gibson pt. 1.   In general, the spin is something along the lines of “even the experts can’t agree on what it is!” .  Well, that may be true.  But while we may debate on what the “Bush Doctrine” is, there should be universal agreement that “his worldview” it is …not.  It’s her initial response that the defenders conveniently leave out. Political Blogger Alliance

Update: Jay over at Newshoggers offers up some potential questions that Hannity might “toss” at Palin.

Last Update:  Olbermann broke the Hannity interview down last night, and even used the word “softball”:



What Does It Mean To Be A “Great American”?

June 10, 2008

I’ll find out, and report back.


Sasquatch, Atlantis, And The Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

June 2, 2008

…any of which may or may not exist, but there is plenty of speculation* out there that the now-fabled Michelle Obama video is being guarded by cunning political operatives or locked away in some safety deposit box somewhere, awaiting exposure to the world and to be “activated” at a time of some political Oz’s choosing.  Hannity, for his part, doesn’t disappoint those looking for the most comedic partisan pundit on the radio, and cannot “confirm or deny” that he has such a tape in his possession.  Of course not.

So, having not seen the video (of course) but assuming that it does, in fact, exist, I’m going to put forth one plausible theory.  Mrs. Obama was referring to this:

Available for $20 at the Obama store. Political Blogger Alliance

*(spearheaded, for the most part, by the wildly pro-Clinton bloggers over at No Quarter, who are probably still dismayed that the laughable “Obama flipped the bird” campaign didn’t stick)


The “Name An Accomplishment” Game

February 15, 2008

As of late, it’s been hard to peruse the talk radio and blog punditry for too long without running into this fun exercise.  The rationale?  Probably a few things, actually.  One, it turns the focus of the political debate to Obama’s perceived inexperience and lack of substance in his speeches.    Two, publicly belittling and marginalizing his supporters might result in second-guessing for those watching at home. Three, all this may be viewed as the only defense against Obama’s charisma, energy, and the social movement forming around him.

As for the major players, you’ll find the usual suspects, but no one enjoys this game more than Sean Hannity:

The fallacy with this game is that you can play it with just about any candidate out there.  Ask your average McCain supporter on the street to name an accomplishment, and you’d probably get a response that had something to do with his status as a war hero, if anything.  What about Huckabee?  Clinton?   

It certainly doesn’t mean that people are stupid, but rather that the focus of debates and campaign speeches tends to center around ideas on current issues and policies.  Congressional voting records usually get a secondary look and are sometimes misleading, but even sponsoring legislation doesn’t come to most people’s minds when one is forced to think of an “accomplishment”.  Nor would the usual “fought for” or “stood alongside” rhetoric found in your typical political campaign ad.  Very rarely do you see candidate with a specific accomplishment that uniquely qualifies an individual to take on the U.S. presidency anyway.  And I’ve long argued that the people who do have the resume for the office are the people who don’t want the job.

In all likelihood, the “name an accomplishment” test would have been failed by average Americans on all sides for the last 100 years.

But it sure is fun!  And I’d expect to see a lot more of it as Obama gets closer to winning the nomination.

(for a little more fun, and in the spirit of the debate over relevant accomplishments that make a good president, take a look at the FACTS ABOUT GEORGE DUBYA BUSH THAT YOU MIGHT BE UNAWARE OF….. TAKEN FROM HIS RESUME ) Political Blogger Alliance


Conservative Talk Radio Has Become Almost Comical Lately

February 7, 2008

I have a confession.  I listen to conservative talk radio virtually every day.  I know this is something that may sound unusual coming from an Obama supporter, but it’s true.  Depending on my schedule, I’ll listen to about a half hour of Rush on the way to work, maybe 15 minutes of Hannity during lunch, and usually our local guy Jason Lewis for another half on the way home.  

Some may ask: why Chen?  Well, I like it, that’s why.  Rush is actually a pretty bright guy.  A pompous, arrogant blowhard, but bright, and he’s generally able to deliver the political news in a fairly entertaining way.  Hannity, on the other hand, always sounds like he’s following a script, and regurgitates the same talking points over and over.  But, still, he’s a “Great American™”.  (when I say “lately” in the post’s title, I should exclude Hannity; he’s pretty comical regardless)  Jason Lewis, as a Minnesotan, delivers his take on the day’s events from a local perspective, and can generally be counted on to get on a nice rant that barely keeps all the rails on the track.  (I listen to the likes of Medved, Hewitt, Prager, Levin, Beck, Ingraham, etc. every once and awhile too, but those three are my main course)


These last few weeks have been particularly entertaining.  Rush seems almost obsessed with either McCain’s lack of conservatism, or the fact that the media is talking about said obsession.  Hannity has become almost like one of those pull-string Chatty Cathy dolls, but instead of “I love you” he just says “McCain/Feingold” …”McCain/Kennedy”… “Gang of 14” ….”Amnesty”… “McCain/Lieberman”… in random order every few minutes, or he’ll just rattle them off in rapid succession again for the next caller.  Lewis, inspired by Rush (and on occasion filling in for him), wraps up the afternoon by reiterating the same meme that the Republicans are abandoning conservatism, and McCain’s rise to front-runner is an embodiment of this. 

In other words, it’s been a 8-hour McCain bash-fest…in crystal clear FM sound.

So, you can guess what the shows were like today, the day after McCain all but secured the GOP nom.  I gotta tell ya, I couldn’t wait.  These guys had to go on the air and put on a show while somehow coping with the realization that, in spite of weeks of their best and arguably obsessive use of rants and spin against McCain, the supposed influence that makes Rush so arrogant amounted to pretty much… diddly squat. 

It was a tough day for them, I’m sure. On the plus side, maybe ratings were better.  Nobody can help but watch a train wreck, after all.

Needless to say, imagine my surprise when I saw this post pop up on memeorandum today:  WHY TALK WON

But what really counts is that so many people, including the mainstream media and politicians, care what talk hosts think and who they are supporting. Conflicts between talkers and candidates have recently made headlines.

Now that’s how you spin something!  Seriously though, Think Progress summed it up pretty well:

Maloney is right that quite a few media stories have covered hate radio’s beef against McCain. But that’s because the media are always interested in the tragic demise of once powerful figures.

The media loves the tragic demise?  I suppose it would explain the fact that Fox reported the latest on Britney Spears during the Glenn Beck show.

Anyway, after this, maybe the media will stop assuming that these guys have influence and just ignore them, and let me have my infotainment without getting all analytical about it.

Update:  McCain wants Dittoheads to “calm down”, while apparently offering a fig leaf: McCain seeks truce with right-wing critics

The campaign, as described by Republican sources, has two pillars: outreach to talk-radio hosts and other conservative critics and a succession of high-profile endorsements in the coming days.

The effort to win over, or at least blunt the opposition, of talk-radio hosts and other movement figures who resent McCain’s maverick style and past departures from conservative orthodoxy involves both high-level surrogates and the candidate himself.

Any bets that McCain gets booed at CPAC? (that’s right, I’m callin’ it)

Update: LMFAO! CPAC to all CPAC-ers: Don’t boo McCain

“No, no no no no” came the reply from the person registering him. “We’ve been instructed to tell participants not to boo McCain.”

“Are you kidding me?” the shocked CPAC-goer asked.

“Well, we want to seem above Democrats and we don’t want the booing to be the story,” the CPAC person declared. When asked for a response, CPAC’s Ian Walters told us: “We would hope that our folks would be polite and give him a fair opportunity to be heard.”


Update:  Looks like the request was respected….sorta:

2:34 – A few boos on immigration, but a lot of cheers and a laugh from McCain. He says he respects the opposition because it was based in an honorable defense of the rule of law. He now understands that no one will trust Washington on immigration until they actually secure the border.

Eh…I still called it.

Update:  Fellow WPPBA blogger Joe makes a great observation and is well worth a link: Right wing establishment failed to deliver for Romney