The Legend Of ChenZhen


Registered lizardoid: Apr 29, 2006 – Oct 2, 2007

No. of comments posted: 1,593

Karma: -286

Also known as: CZ, NehzNehc, The General

The sunset of ChenZhen’s tenure at LGF was summarized quite well by The Poster Formerly Known As Gordon at LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED:

Ah, a dude worthy of following in the footsteps of the legendary Nodrog! ChenZhen joined LGF in 2006, and quickly became an intelligent contrarian, poking holes in LGF (il)logic. So naturally, the illiterati quickly labeled him as a troll and heaped insults upon him.

Including the Lizard King himself. On July 28, 2007, in a thread entitled “Freed Gitmo Inmates Immediately Return to Jihad,” Charles blamed “lefties” for the depredations of some freed Jihadists. Starting in #23 with a simple statement:

I suppose if you think hard enough you could find a way to blame the left for just about anything.

ChenZhen started a major flamewar with furious lizardoids, including Charles. Follow the thread as Chen destroys the lizardoids’ arguments, including tough guy Charles, who admitted defeat in #369 with his usual good grace:

Ok, I’m done with you. That was so convoluted and twisted that I’m ready to admit I was wrong when I said you weren’t dumb.

ChenZhen was a marked man.

On September 5, 2007’s “GOP Debate Poll,” ChenZhen was revealed to have committed further apostasy by commenting once on the dreaded STALKER BLOG, otherwise known as LGF Watch. The discussion begins with a scolding from Sharmuta in #563. Chen defended himself in #585 with a quite reasonable reply:

It was one post, fer chrissakes. It was something I would have posted over here if the subject came up. I look at the blogosphere as one big forum, really.

And look at this huffy, ridiculous reply from Sharmuta in #597:

Has anyone ever told you that actions speak louder than words? Has it occured to you how your actions might look to others here at LGF? But most importantly, do you even care? Honestly- you’ve made it impossible for me in the future to ask people here to give you an argument instead of snarky comments. The stalker blog? Even I have limits.

Sharmuta, as usual, is incorrect – there is no limit to her obsequious mendacious obtuseness.

And look at this hatred from irregular regular Cattt in #600:

Chen, I like you. Really do. But I hate the stalker, and I hate the stalker’s blog, and I don’t consider him, or it, part of the blogosphere. I consider it beyond the pale. I’ve posted, just for an example, on an Indymedia blog – it was cool – they were fair with me and my posts. I’ve posted on your blog – you were nice to me – it was fine. But the stalker is a sicko – he’s mental. He’s ooze. He’s dirty. He’s a Chinese finger puzzle. A black hole.

Worse than Indymedia – now that’s BAD! NY Nana added some pointless nonsense in #660, for your reading pleasure. Later in the thread ChenZhen challenged Sharmuta to define “Stalker Blog,” – a challenge which Sharmuta evaded as usual.

ChenZhen’s final doom came on October 2, 2007’s “Beam in the New Republic’s Eye.” (which, by the way, was Charles’ inglorious attempt to capture some Rathergate-style attention in 2007) Chen took a contrary view to many (but not all) lizardoids – that Rush Limbaugh was crazy stupid to attack Iraq war vets as phony. But of course Sharmuta and Killgore Trout went for the ad hominems again, and also brought in a ChenZhen headline from his own blog mocking LGF’s shilling reaction to this story. This brought the following dire warning from the Lizard Tyrant himself in #261:

You’re close to rolling your last comment here. Decency is apparently foreign to you.

Definition of LGF decency (for Zombie’s dictionary): KOWTOWING TO EVERY RIDICULOUS NOTION CHARLES JOHNSON GETS INTO HIS WOODEN HEAD! Charles then lowered the boom in #269:

In fact, I’m officially tired of being stabbed in the back by ChenZhen, and he is now welcome to pursue his agenda without trying to disguise it.

The usual lizardoid glee erupted, most notably from the soon to be banned GCP’er John Schneider in #271, showing his true contemptible colors.

ChenZhen has his own blog, which is worth a look. He has his own critique of Little Green Footballs there, worth a read, including an amusing sockpuppet turn as “Mr. Poopypants.” I think the poopypants remained at LGF after his sockpuppet got banned.

As legend has it, after CZ was unceremoniously shown the door, he was a little disappointed, but figured that he was above the typical lizard reaction of sending Charles some scathing email that no one would ever see. Instead, he used his blog, The Chamber, to publish his LGF memoirs in an 8-part series, debuting a new one each evening. ChenZhen concluded the series with a thread covering his return to LGF (via Mr. Poopypants) at a time when he knew Charles would be away from his computer (time zones), and used the window of opportunity to link back to his site, reveal the sockpuppet, and share his handiwork with the lizard community. It was an act of defiant subversion that he dubbed “Operation Touchdown”.

One could only imagine the look on Charles’ face when he woke up to discover the mess that ChenZhen had made. It would have been priceless, really.


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