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The General Stuff

Q. Is LGF a right-wing blog?
A. The best description of LGF is probably this entry from poster Bleeding heart conservative.

Q. What are splodydopes?
A. Dopes who ‘splode themselves in public places. First used on LGF by poster Joe.

Q. What’s Arafish?
A. Yasser Arafat. Prompted by this entry. First used on LGF by poster d.

Q. What do you mean by Morlocks?
A. The antisemitic America-hating creatures who tend to inhabit Indymedia. The reference, of course, is to the subterranean ape-like creatures that H.G. Wells described in The Time Machine.

Q. What’s Aidemydni?
A. Indymedia (also known here as Nazimedia). First used: one of the funniest threads on LGF.

Q. Why the lizard references?
A. See the previous question. See also here.

Q. What’s Mr. Holland’s Opus got to do with anything?
A. Go to the LGF Prayer thread. First used on LGF by poster Occasional Reader.

Q. What’s with the raisins?
A. The 72 virgins awaiting the “martyrs” in paradise might in fact be 72 white raisins. First used on LGF by poster John B, who also provided the link to the article in which this translation problem is discussed.

Q. What’s an idiotarian?
A. You can find a good definition here. See also the Idiotarian Dictionary.

Q. What does “all your base are belong to us” mean?
A. It’s a quote from a web movie.

Q. Where does the name “little green footballs” come from?
A. Charles ain’t telling…

Q. What’s Hag Same’ah?
A. Hebrew for “happy holiday.”

Q. So is a troll just someone who disagrees with the LGF party line?
A. No.  A troll is someone who only wants to stir up trouble, not have an honest debate.  Some signs that a poster is a troll:

  • Dodges questions from other posters
  • Refuses to give sources
  • When one of its arguments is shown to be false, either ignores the proof or moves the goalposts

Some good links about trolls:
The Internet Troll
Caton contributed the invaluable Peace Troll Taxonomy 101.

Several LGF threads show trolls in action (for example, ISM Nonviolently Attacks a Gate, which also includes liberal use of the LGF troll-repellants). 

Q. What’s a “moby?”
A. Someone who is following the advice of techno-pop star Moby to plant items that are likely to alienate Bush supporters.  More: Punk the prez?

Q. Who’s “St. Pancake”?
A. Some LGFers (not Charles) use this term to refer to Rachel Corrie, to express their irritation with the way terror apologists have turned someone who was, at best, naïve and foolish (and at worst, a terror supporter) into a holy icon in the fight against Israel. See:

There are many LGF threads about Rachel Corrie.  Here’s the search page (as of April 25, 2004).

Q. What’s a Fiskie?
A. This is the name given to the prestigious LGF Idiotarian of the Year award, inaugurated in 2002 and named for über-idiotarian and “journalist” Robert Fisk.

Q. What’s “fisking”?  It sounds vaguely dirty.
A. No, it isn’t dirty.  It’s derived from Robert Fisk (hmm, on the other hand… ) and refers to a point-by-point debunking of the kind of lies and/or idiocies written by those of the Robert Fisk persuasion.

Q. What’s the Iron Fist Rule?
A. “If you think you are too drunk to post, you are too drunk too post.”  First used on LGF by… er… well, you can probably figure that one out for yourself.

Q. Why would a red binder be dreaded?
A. As ploome noted first, the pile of paper on Arafat’s desk always seems to include a red binder that never strays from its post.  Or does it?  {cue scary music}

Q. What’s with the weather reports?
A. Those are from LGF regular Ed Moran.  Part of his job includes monitoring meteorological reports, and he likes to post early warnings of interesting US and Canadian weather patterns for those LGFers in the vicinity.

Comment Questions

Q. How do I create a link in my comment?
A. Short answer: click “Link” above the comment window and follow the prompts.

Long answer:
1. Open another browser window and go to the site you want to link to.
2. Highlight the URL and press Ctrl-C (or go to Edit, Copy).
3. Come back to the current window.
4. In your comment, type the word or phrase you’ll use as a title for your link, then click and drag over it with the mouse to select it.
5. From the highlighted possibilities listed along the top of the comments box, click “Link.”
6. In the dialog box that comes up, paste the URL (Ctrl-V or Edit, Paste) and press Enter.

Shortest answer:
Simply copy and paste the URL into your comment, and the LGF Blog Engine will automagically convert it into a hyperlink.

Q. How do I add a quote to my comment?
A. Click “Quote” and follow the prompts.

LGF Etiquette/User’s Guide

Q. The font is too small for me.  Can Charles fix it?
A. Even better — you can fix it!  Go to the Preferences page and set the font sizes (and other preferences).

Q. How do I do a Search of LGF?
A. Charles explains all…

Q. Why can’t I hear the music that says it’s “Now Playing?”
A. You’re not supposed to be able to hear it.  Now Playing just tells you what Charles is listening to.  You can learn more about the musician by clicking the CD cover, which will take you to their Amazon reviews.

Q. I want to post a link to something funny/interesting, but it’s a bit naughty.  Is that OK?
A. It’s OK (as long as it’s not actual pr0n), but if you’re posting a link to a graphic image (whether of naked people or of graphic injuries), include a warning before the link so people can avoid it if they want to. 

Q. I have a business (or website) that I want to promote on LGF because I think LGFers will be interested.  Is it OK to post about it?
A. In order of decreasing acceptability:

  • It’s OK to put the link to it in your nickname (in the “home page (optional)” field), and it’s OK to include a link in your comment if it’s relevant (for example, if your weblog has a post about an item on LGF and you want us to see it).
  • It’s OK to include your URL as an off-topic item in your comment once in a while, as long as you’re not obnoxious about it.  But remember that most people will think it’s obnoxious long before you do.
  • It’s borderline OK to include the URL at the end of each comment you make as a sort of signature, although many people consider this poor form.
  • It’s totally unacceptable to post about your commercial interests and nothing else.  If you only want to advertise, then invest in a BlogAd on LGF.

Q. Why is Charles ignoring my email?
A. He gets about fifty-gazillion emails a day, so he can’t reply to every one. Please don’t feel slighted or offended.

Q. What’s a hat tip?
A. A hat tip is Charles’s way of thanking you on the front page for bringing an interesting item to his attention.  (If you’re interested you can read the history of doffing (or “tipping”) hats.)

Q. I sent Charles an email about the story he posted but he didn’t give me the hat tip.  Why not, and how can I get him to give it to me?
A. Just because you emailed a story to Charles or were the first person to link to it, it doesn’t mean that’s the first place he saw it.  He does his own research, he gets dozens of emails when major news breaks, and lots of people will post links to an important story.  So the hat tip (if any) goes to wherever Charles remembers seeing it first, and that’s final. 🙂  It’s considered poor form to ask for a hat tip.

About Those Acronyms

Q. What’s GAZE stand for?
A. It doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just “gaze” written in upper-case. On the LGF Prayer thread (another very funny one), poster davesax suggested using it to acknowledge trolls without feeding them (see also this post by Geepers).

Q. What’s RoP?
A. It’s short for Religion of Peace™, a reference to Islam, which—as President Bush has repeated many times since 9/11—is a religion of peace.

Q. What’s ROPMA (or RoPMA)?
A. Religion of Peace™ My Ass.  First used on LGF by dennisw.

Q. What’s LLL?
A. Loony Liberal Left or Leftist, or Loony Left Logic (depending on context).  Also referred to as L3, L3, or el cubo.  LLL first used on LGF by Robert Brandtjen; first used on LGF with a definition (Loony Left Logic) by European-American.  “El cubo” first used on LGF by scaramouche.

Q. What’s PIMF?
A. Preview Is My Friend.  Most commonly used by someone who, having failed to preview, has just posted a comment almost entirely in bold and/or with an embarrassing typo.  First used on LGF by Right Wing Conspirator, although RoP really chappin’ my hide was the inspiration.

Q. What’s OT?
A. Off-topic.

Q. What’s FOAD?
A. F*** off and die.

Q. What’s STFU?
A. Shut the f*** up.

Q. What’s STFD?
A. Sit the f*** down.
See also Acronym Finder.

About Those Rotating Titles

Q. Why shouldn’t I trust the shover robot?
A. This music video (based on this hilarious ICQ prank), will explain all.

Q. Who blew up da owl?
A. We’re not sure. It’s related to the “poem” Somebody Blew Up America, by New Jersey’s former poet laureate Amiri Baraka. First used on LGF by poster and parody-meister Clutch.

Q. Why shouldn’t I “drink idiotic”? Come to that, why would I even think of drinking idiotic?
A. “Do not drink idiotic any more, drink engages!” is Google’s translation of Mecca Cola’s French slogan.

Q. What’s “Declear the crudase and be unite”?
A. Another gem from a troll.  We think he was trying to say “Declare the Crusade and be united,” but who knows for sure?

Q. What’s “New world odor”?
A. That was the wording on a banner held by an “anti-war” demonstrator.

Q. What’s “ur not gonna smell paradies” mean?
A. Another troll dropping.  This one was also the subject of its own thread. (“Smelling paradise” is equivalent to “reaching heaven.”)

Q. Why do LGFers care about globular clusters?
A. You’ll have to read this thread to find out.  But first take a moment to admire the beautiful photo that Charles posted at the top of the thread.

Q. What does “lgf: to Morlocks as Morlocks are to Eloi” mean?
A. This is explained by a reader using the screen name of “Eric Blair,” who coined that phrase.

Q. Why shouldn’t we mention the dreaded Comment #17?
A. Charles, much to the surprise of his minions, proved that sometimes even he can mis-read a comment.  He thought that Innismir has posted a slam and responded in kind.  When he realized his mistake he deleted his response (which was comment #17), after which “comment #17” became an instant LGF classic.  It all happened on this thread.  (If you don’t want to wade through the whole thing, use Ctrl-F to search the page for Innismir and/or #17.)

Q. What does “aquilae non captant muscas” mean?
A. “Eagles don’t eat flies” (roughly equivalent to “don’t sweat the petty things”).  First used on LGF (in a slightly variant form) by Glen Wishard.  (The George Carlin addtion, “don’t pet the sweaty things,” is something else entirely.)

Q. Who’s got a head on him like a rabbit?
A. We’ll let Paul of Arabia explain.

Q. I agree; one shouldn’t crush dwarfs, but why should I hand you the pliers?
A.Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers!” is a Firesign Theatre record.

Credit Where It’s Due

Special thanks to LGF readers cba, evariste, Geepers, Grandma, Iron Fist, justdanny, logger phd, PDM, and zulubaby for helping put together this document.



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