Sunday Evening Holy War

July 15, 2007

I was doing my usual perusing of memeorandum when I stumbled upon a post from The Astute Bloggers that caught my attention: WHY THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH MUST CHOOSE WAR AND TAKE ON THE DEFENSE OF WESTERN CIVILIATION


After some enlightening Christianity vs. Islam, “my God is better than your god” analysis, we get to the conclusion:

The Christian Church must understand that Western Civilization and the Bible go hand in hand.

The Christian Church must become warriors for Western Civilization. I am not saying that this means the Church itself must call for violence. No, the Church, at this juncture has the luxury still of keeping its advocacy in the realm of peace. We can still fight our battles in the realm of ideology.

However, if the Christian Church, and the West, allow too many of our cherished Freedoms to slip away, it will become incumbent upono the Church, once again, to go into the business of War. And, that will be a shame upon us, not because it would be wrong to call for war in such a case, but, because we could have won our war without violence, if we had only acted sooner.

Let this be a warning to all Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, and Teachers of the Bible of the God of Abraham.

I think I’ll sit this one out.


  1. This is the same narrow logic of the unfortunate brainwashed masses who truly believe their purpose is to force-feed translated and edited dogma conceived thousands of years ago. Under very primitive circumstances, might I say. In those days common knowledge of the world was quite limited and served as only a guide for behavior, using the wrath or love of God as incentive. Population was sparse and murder was more acceptable to end disagreements in bible, koran and torah. This behavior does not fit today’s world! This is no longer a demolition derby! If only they could practice their religion as a personal guide instead of a power struggle.
    Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better now …

  2. Religion has been and is still a very dangerous solution to many of the worlds problems.

    The idea of whose god is better since they are all from Abraham, so now they are fighting siblings.

    BTW:BossKitty and I have tagged you blog for the Power of Schmooze Award. Go to our blog for more details. Congratulations we both enjoy your blog.

  3. Western civilization in general, and Judeo-Christian teaching in particular, do not promote spreading religion by force…whether it be by war, coercion or fear.
    The Crusades that were perpetrated by Western/Christian civilizations in the first part of the second millennium were actually a response to hundreds of years of Islamic persecution of Christians, Jews and secularists in the Middle East as well as Western Europe, Southern Spain in particular.
    If the writer is advocating anything, he seems to be saying “stay on the alert”. Learn from history. Don’t wait 200 years before you stand your ground and say enough is enough.
    Secularism and Judeo/Christian values seem to be very compatible with western style freedom….e.g.: Gay Rights advocates may fight tooth and nail with Pat Robertson, but at the end of the day they’re both alive and well to fight another day. Whereas in an Islamic Theocracy, the Gay Rights advocate has no voice whatsoever, and probably would NOT live to fight another day.
    Secularists, Jews, Christians as well as dozens of other religions and non-religious people should always be on their guard to protect the freedoms they enjoy in Western Democracies, and should work together to do so.

  4. Well, luckily we don’t live in the year 1100. I guess I’m not sure what is meant by “going into the business of War”. Maybe I should drop a comment over there.

  5. I’m just picturing an army of Ned Fladerses…

  6. I’ll have to agree with DesertSage. I was a problem in 1100, but it’s a problem now. It’s been that way since Mohammed was turned away by Mecca and all semi-peaceful idealogy was stopped. However, if we take the fight to them without reason, we’re no good either.

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