Pakistanis Heart Bin Laden

September 12, 2007

Here’s some wonderful news: Poll: Bin Laden tops Musharraf in Pakistan

“We have conducted 23 polls all over the Muslim world, and this is the most disturbing one we have conducted,” said Ken Ballen, the group’s head. “Pakistan is the one Muslim nation that has nuclear weapons, and the people who want to use them against us — like the Taliban and al Qaeda — are more popular there than our allies like Musharraf.”

Fantastic.  We’re bogged down in the Iraq quagmire while bin Laden releases taunting tapes and continues on pace to becoming a folk hero.  How in the hell did we get to this point?



  1. I’ve looked and liked a number of your posts today. This one I HAVE to chime in on.Musharref is disliked for a number of reasons. I can’t wrap my head around all of them but understand intellectually many of them.The tribes in Pakistan and Afghanistan are essentially sovereign states. The populace of these places live and die by what they see in their own yards.They like OBL because he’s like them.(in their eyes anyway)

  2. Bush should be very nervous that bin Laden is more popular that Musharref. Bush has managed to put Musharef in an impossible spot which has allowed for continual violence and the protection of bin Laden.

  3. BTW:
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  4. “Bush has managed to put Musharef in an impossible spot” The General has done a lot on his own to earn his spot.

  5. nytexan- I’m conflicted. All the links in my blogroll are wordpress.com users, and I’ve made a point in the past to stick with that because of the guidelines of the alliance. Now that you’ve moved (how come?), I’d be violating my own rule if I were to include your new site. The whole idea was so that visitors could just jump from blog to blog and leave comments w/o having to enter in username and email info, and so their comments would be tracked in the WP dashboard. I hate to do it, but I’ll have to remove you from that section and look to put your link somewhere else in the sidebar.

  6. Chen:
    I know your rules on the alliance but I didn’t realize that your blogroll was only the alliance. Don’t worry about it. Chen if you start making exceptions now, your wonderful plan of the alliance will be lost. Don’t be conflicted and stick with your original plan.

    I moved off wordpres.com to expand may blog with wordpress.org

  7. nytexan- your new site is in the sidebar under the ‘schmooze’ award. 🙂

  8. Thank you.

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