Obama/Richardson ’08?

March 21, 2008

Capt. Ed asks the question: Richardson’s bid for VP?

Ed, of course, is asking in the context of Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Barack Obama.   Given the rather dramatic fashion with which the endorsement was delivered (I was watching it live on CNN), I think he might be on to something.   There was a vibe there that went a little beyond the superficial political maneuver that would otherwise define an endorsement like this.

If we’re right, I suppose that I should point out that I called it on the very same blog a couple weeks ago:


Based on Richardson’s significant amount of experience and his position on the issues, I think he’d be a fine choice as a running mate. 

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  1. He can stand by since he’s also a potential Senate candidate. Either one will be his zenith though.

  2. Yes yes YES! Richardson for VP makes all kinds of sense!

  3. The only problem is Obama is already being hit with the race card hard and it’s only the nomination stage. Think adding Richardson makes it even harder for white America to vote for him. Would not Edwards balance the ticket better? What ever happened to him? He seemed to fall off the face of the earth when left the race which seemed premature.

  4. You can be sure Barack will pick a white dude. I love Richardson, and I think he’ll make an excellent Secretary of State.

  5. For some reason, this bit comes to mind:

  6. […] and as an Obama supporter, I must say that I have some mixed feelings about this pick.  I have stated here in the Chamber my feeling that the best choice would have been Bill Richardson, but […]

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